AnalyticsX enables businesses to upscale the user experience of their product.

Analyze your user’s
Behavior with a
Data-Driven Approach.

  • checkStudy data like a pro.
  • checkOptimize your user journey.
  • checkPersonalize engagement.
  • checkGrow and retain users.
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Products Analytics Consulting

3-4 weeks

Know How we Work

Strategize: We build a product analytics strategy and translate it into a tracking plan.

Implement: We help your team in implementing product analytics strategy correctly.

Visualize: We enable your teams to create in-depth reports and dashboards.

How can we help?

  • Find where users are dropping.hand

  • Map strategies to re-engage users.hand

  • Optimize your marketing spend.hand

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How AnalyticsX Stands Out

AnalyticsX is a perfect cluster of two key domains of the digital world. Applify is a specialist in creating user experiences and digital products whereas Mixpanel studies the user journey and helps improve customer behavior dynamics.


Strategic Implementations


AnalyticsX drives growth by:

1. Tracking what matters.
2. Building presentable dashboards.
3. Making data-driven decisions.

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Product analytics integration is so

AnalyticsX bridges the gap between what Mixpanel delivers and what businesses strive for by assembling a product analytics consulting team.

To put it simply, Applify in collaboration with Mixpanel is making it easier for brands to leverage the potential of data, unlock business growth and improve customer experience.

If your business requires an in-depth understanding of users' behavior and finding where they are dropping off in the funnel, AnalyticsX is your way to go!

Getting the product analytics implementation done correctly will help you build strategies to drive more conversions, and user engagement and improve the retention rate. If that is your goal, you should opt for AnalyticsX.

It depends upon what onboarding plan you choose. Other than that the size and the feature set of your product also impact the implementation process. Generally, it takes 30-60 days but if you need a more specific answer, get a free consultation from our expert.

AnalyticsX provides three different offerings

  • 1.Quick Onboarding is a unique plan for smaller teams who are facing implementation challenges or reporting issues with product analytics.
  • 2.Starter Onboarding is where you learn how to frame and implement best product analytics practices.
  • 3.Standard Onboarding is a dedicated implementation process where our consultant provides 360 product analytic support and guides your team through practical execution and real time reporting experience.

  • We are Certified Mixpanel Partners with 4.8/5 Stars Ratings.
  • Experience delivering dynamic Mixpanel strategies to top brands and startups like Flipkart, Bharat pay, CaratLane Ekacare, Fancraze, Glance (inMobi), and more.