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We partner with global customers to enhance their cloud operations, delivering superior operational resilience, scalability, enhanced security, reduced costs, and increased value from their investments.

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Our cloud operations services

We empower businesses to manage complex cloud landscapes, providing a seamless, secure, and scalable foundation for your business growth.

Cloud Financial Management

Manage and control cloud costs more effectively, leading to better budgeting, cost optimization, and value for your projects and applications.

Operations Management

Automate your IT operations to quickly and efficiently inventory, organize, secure, and manage your environments, resources, and applications.

Cloud Governance

Ensure your cloud environment is secure, scalable, and designed with governance at its core, facilitating a seamless migration of business workloads.

Monitoring and Observability

Get deep insights into your system's health through real-time logs, metrics, and trace analysis to quickly detect, investigate, and resolve issues.

Compliance and Auditing

Streamline compliance processes to meet internal and external regulations efficiently and detect and mitigate risks promptly.

Our case studies

Take a closer look at our impactful solutions to understand how we’ve helped businesses like yours overcome challenges and achieve success.

Building data lakes for an automotive software giant

We helped their team streamline data flow and consolidate diverse sources into a singular, actionable platform. This resulted in easily digestible, filterable, and accessible data, facilitating informed decision-making. 

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On Demand Service
Saved 60% cost on cloud operations management

Learn how our tailored solutions and strategic approach in cloud financial management, monitoring, and operations management led to a remarkable 60% cost saving, showcasing effective optimization strategies for streamlined cloud operations.

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AI enabled migration assessment software for AWS Partners

VazuDev stands at the forefront of innovation in cloud services, streamlining the evaluation of cloud migation assessments, simplifying document signing, and optimizing client account management. By integrating advanced AI capabilities, VazuDev revolutionizes the migration workflow, significantly reducing both time and costs for AWS partners.

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Scale your IT operations with our AWS certified experts

Step into the future, as we help your business grow beyond traditional boundaries, offering scalable infrastructure, development agility, and software efficiency.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Leverage our IaaS expertise to access and scale virtualized computing resources over the internet. Ideal for businesses seeking flexible, on-demand infrastructure without the capital expense.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Innovate faster with PaaS for a streamlined development environment that lets you build, deploy, and manage applications effortlessly, speeding up innovation and reducing time-to-market.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Embrace simplicity and efficiency by bidding farewell to the complexities of installation and ongoing maintenance. Focus on what truly matters, driving business growth and scaling your success.

Take the first step towards innovation and growth

Explore new horizons of innovation and achieve sustainable growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Trust Applify, to be your strategic partner, ensuring a seamless and successful path through the clouds.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about CloudX service. Have a question that's not covered? Reach out to our team for personalized assistance.

What are the key technical benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Management?

Cloud Infrastructure Management offers technical advantages such as automated provisioning, dynamic scaling, and efficient resource utilization. It enables businesses to optimize their infrastructure, enhancing performance and responsiveness.

How does Compliance as Code in Cloud Governance impact business operations?

Compliance as Code automates the enforcement of regulatory standards, ensuring businesses remain compliant. From a business standpoint, this minimizes legal risks, enhances data security, and fosters trust with customers and partners.

What business insights can be gained from FinOps practices?

FinOps provides business leaders with detailed analytics on cloud spending, enabling informed decision-making. By identifying cost-efficient strategies, FinOps helps businesses allocate resources strategically, ensuring optimal financial management.

In what ways does Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) contribute to business success?

SRE ensures high system reliability, reducing downtime and enhancing user experiences. From a business perspective, this translates to improved customer satisfaction, brand credibility, and overall operational efficiency.

How does Cloud Automation impact business agility and competitiveness?

With tools like Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Automation accelerates development cycles, reducing time-to-market. From a business standpoint, this agility fosters competitiveness by enabling rapid adaptation to market changes and customer demands.

What business risks does SecOps address in the cloud?

SecOps mitigates security risks by providing continuous monitoring, automated threat response, and ensuring compliance. From a business perspective, this minimizes the potential for data breaches, regulatory penalties, and reputational damage.

How does Cloud Disaster & Recovery contribute to business continuity planning?

Cloud Disaster & Recovery ensures minimal business disruption by offering robust troubleshooting, incident response, and automated recovery strategies. From a business standpoint, this safeguards revenue streams and maintains customer trust during unforeseen disruptions.

What business advantages do Cloud Monitoring & Observability bring?

Cloud Monitoring & Observability provides real-time insights into system health and performance. From a business perspective, this enhances decision-making, accelerates issue resolution, and contributes to a positive customer experience.

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