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How AWS supports you in building Healthcare solutions

With its secure cloud infrastructure, advanced analytics, and machine learning capabilities, AWS empowers organizations to transform patient care, streamline operations, and drive research advancements.

1,000+ Global Compliances

These certifications ensure that AWS services adhere to international standards and regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA for healthcare data protection in the United States, GDPR in Europe, and many others globally. 

90+ Open Datasets

By providing easy access to these datasets, AWS accelerates research and innovation in healthcare, facilitating data-driven decision-making, AI model training, and the development.

Advanced data analytics

AWS's Amazon SageMaker enables predictive analytics, personalized care pathways, and operational efficiencies by analyzing medical images, predicting outcomes, automating tasks, and enhancing clinical decisions.

Driving Healthcare industry innovations powered by

Transform your healthcare IT ecosystem with Applify

With a deep understanding of healthcare industry challenges and regulatory requirements, we design and implement robust, scalable architectures that ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data.

HIPAA and GDPR-Compliant Architecture

Design and build HIPAA and GDPR-compliant AWS cloud architectures that scale effortlessly to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare applications, incorporating industry-leading practices for optimal performance and security.

Cloud Native Development

Create custom healthcare solutions on AWS, including robust telemedicine platforms, efficient remote patient monitoring systems, patient billing, streamlined revenue cycle management, and modernizing legacy EHR systems.

AI and Machine Learning

Transform healthcare delivery through advanced AI and machine learning capabilities on AWS, including medical image analysis, predictive analytics, patient risk scoring, and personalized medicine solutions.

Healthcare Data Interoperability

Automate the conversion of existing healthcare data formats into HL7 FHIR®, streamline data exchange, and enhance capabilities in clinical research, facilitating improved preventive and value-based care delivery.

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With our deep expertise in the healthcare industry and AWS technologies, we're committed to empowering your organization to achieve its vision. Together, we can transform your healthcare operations and help you stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

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Our case studies

See how we’ve helped businesses like yours overcome challenges in the healthcare landscape, leveraging AWS services and technologies to achieve success.

Driving healthcare innovation with a custom SaaS solution

OneFitness introduces a dynamic solution that empowers fitness trainers to create, manage, and offer training packages and schedules for fitness enthusiasts. 

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Our expertise across healthcare

We have a proven track record and specialize across diverse healthcare segments, enabling us to optimize operations, enhance patient care, and drive sustainable growth.

Healthcare Systems

Design and implement EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems, clinical workflow optimization, and telemedicine platforms to enhance operational efficiency and patient care delivery.

Health Insurance Providers

Develop secure and compliant solutions for insurance claims processing, member management, and healthcare analytics to streamline operations and improve member satisfaction.

Health Tech Startups

Develop scalable AWS cloud architectures, integrate AI/ML for predictive analytics, and implement HIPAA-compliant data management solutions, enabling accelerated growth and market adoption.

Medical Research and Biotechnology

Facilitate advanced data analytics, genomic research, and clinical trials management with robust cloud infrastructure and AI-powered insights to drive breakthroughs in medical research.

Long-Term Care Facilities and Home Healthcare

Implementing remote patient monitoring systems, caregiver coordination platforms, and compliance solutions to enhance care quality and operational efficiency in long-term care settings.

Frequently asked questions

Explore answers to common inquiries that businesses in the healthcare industry seek before partnering with us.

What steps do you take to ensure HIPAA compliance?

To ensure HIPAA compliance, we take the following measures:

  • Data Encryption: Encrypt sensitive patient data during transmission and storage.
  • Access Controls: Strictly control access to patient information, ensuring only authorized personnel have access.
  • Audit Trails: Maintain detailed audit trails to track access to patient data, promoting transparency and accountability.
  • Employee Training: Conduct regular training sessions on HIPAA regulations to keep staff informed and compliant.
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAAs): Establish clear BAAs with all relevant parties to outline responsibilities and ensure compliance across partnerships.
How do you support interoperability between different systems?

We support interoperability between different systems through several key strategies:

  • Standardized Interfaces: We implement standardized interfaces and protocols to facilitate seamless communication and data exchange between disparate healthcare systems.
  • HL7 and FHIR Standards: We adhere to HL7 (Health Level Seven) and FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standards, enabling efficient sharing of clinical and administrative data across platforms.
  • API Integration: Our solutions include robust API integrations that allow systems to securely interact and exchange data in real time, promoting interoperability.
  • Data Mapping and Transformation: We utilize advanced data mapping and transformation techniques to ensure that data from different systems are compatible and usable across the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Custom Integration Solutions: We offer custom integration solutions tailored to the specific needs and infrastructures of healthcare organizations, enhancing interoperability while maintaining data security and integrity.
Can you customize solutions for specific healthcare needs or challenges?

We specialize in customizing solutions to address specific healthcare needs and challenges effectively. Whether it's enhancing patient care workflows, improving operational efficiency, or complying with industry regulations, we collaborate closely with healthcare organizations to understand their unique requirements. Our approach involves detailed consultations and assessments to tailor our offerings, ensuring that the solutions we develop align closely with our client's goals and objectives.

How do you handle data migration and integration?

We have a structured approach to handling data migration and integration to ensure smooth and efficient transitions for our clients:

  • Assessment and Planning: We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of existing systems and data to understand the scope and complexity of the migration and integration requirements.
  • Data Mapping and Cleansing: We perform data mapping to identify data sources, formats, and dependencies. Data cleansing processes are employed to ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  • Integration Strategy: Based on the assessment, we develop a detailed integration strategy that outlines the migration process, timeline, and milestones. This strategy includes selecting appropriate tools and technologies for seamless integration.
  • Testing and Validation: Before final implementation, we conduct rigorous testing to validate data integrity, system functionality, and performance. This step ensures minimal disruption and maintains operational continuity during the migration phase.
  • Deployment and Support: Upon successful migration, we provide deployment support and ongoing maintenance to address any post-implementation issues and ensure optimal system performance.
Can you assist in optimizing healthcare workflows and reducing administrative burdens?

We collaborate closely with businesses to identify inefficiencies and pain points in their workflows. Our approach involves leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and automation to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall productivity.

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