7 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Mobile App

To mark your presence in the App Development Industry, there’s either of the two pathways to choose from- join the clutter or to launch a white label app.

Why White Label?

Most Appreneurs now are launching into a white label app venture since it gives their business much of an edge over the others. A white label venture will offer you perks like- 

  1. It is the simplest means by far to become a part of the mobile app market, plus giving you the full control of your business.
  2. You get the freedom to implement your own strategies and business models including pricing, branding, sales and marketing etc.
  3. White label is a low-risk business option.

In spite clear reasons why white label apps are the obvious choice, you must ask yourself these 7 questions before launching a white label app:


Guilty of Gluttony!

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