3 Crazy App Ideas that became a Sure Success

Coming to making a new app, I’m sure your head is full of crazy new app ideas! But how do you know which idea may go fully well into developing an app that is a sure shot success?

There have been many apps ideas that turned into successful apps but were a complete shot in the dark. But there as well were thoroughly researched ideas, that could not be successful.

In this post, we’ll talk of three apps, the idea of which may have sounded absolutely crazy to some people, while had a basis of proven ideas! These may encourage you to do a thorough market research of your wacky app idea and take forward whichever seems viable.

1. Flappy Bird:

The only legit explanation of Dong Nguyen idea of making a game like Flappy Bird is “Let’s make a game that people hate”. And supporting the idea today is the fact that the game received unmatched stardom, earning up to $50,000 per day when the publisher took it down.

Flappy Bird surely was a shot in the dark and from the stories surfaced so far, I’m convinced the developer didn’t project such success.

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According to Carter Thomas, “Taking an idea that is already working and putting a new spin on it is a great way to capitalize on an unexpected success.”

A key takeaway from the success of this app is you must be willing to test, not the waters, but floating assumptions. A conventional logic is that people love the games that they win, but the game questioned the logic by making a game closer to impossible.

2. Facebook:

Okay, so Facebook didn’t launch as a mobile app but the idea behind is worth putting it on this list. Facebook, at the time of my writing this has more than one billion users per day; making it harder to believe that there was a time when the multi-billion global empire wasn’t a success.  In the year 2004, Facebook faced a huge battle against MySpace and Friendster. Friendster garnered a membership of higher than 1 million and was one among the firsts to do so. MySpace had once surpassed Google in terms of US Traffic.

Launching a social network in such turbulent waters definitely looks like a quirky idea. But since Mark and team understood the concept of building a community, it worked.

Now if you think of making a social network at this point, it’d be like taking a long shot. But how Watchville launched, can be a smart idea to refer to. The iOS app launched as a beautifully designed RSS Aggregator, with an existing cult following. The app plans to set up as an e-commerce platform for luxury watches and has already raised funds!

So the key takeaway here is- you do not need to launch for a huge community. Working your way through a small, yet passionate group can bring you the success you desire.

3. Periscope:

The website says- “Periscope lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else.” The app provides for a live video broadcasting worldwide and the technology that was required to create this was staggering. However, was the idea so unconventional? I don’t think so.

But then why would Twitter have been so interested in buying the Periscope and Niche for a whopping $86.6 million?

Think of it this way- on an everyday basis, millions of videos are made and shared on Instagram, YouTube, Vine etc. The only logical progression would’ve been the live broadcast.

To be realistic, anyone can think practically and ask themselves a simple question- “What is the next best thing that can be about this app?”

Jason Fried in his bestseller – Rework, says you must “scratch your own itch.”

Takeaways? Just identify what the app is missing when your head triggers “Damn I wish the app had this feature!!” Make that app with the missing feature, take the leap, solve a real problem and bam you have a successful app!


Your crazy app idea might have full potential but hiring a wrong app developer can simply kill the chance. If you’re an amateur to execute a great app idea, do not shy away from hiring one of the efficient app development companies in London.

Get that quirky idea out on paper and dump it on people’s phones. Success will then be your retirement companion!

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