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As a top NFT development company, we help businesses innovate with our profound industry expertise. Our service portfolio has everything that you’ll need.

Non-Fungible Token Development

Our NFT Development services help you convert your physical and digital assets into tokens that you can buy or sell in the NFT Marketplace and step into the world of wider profit opportunities.

NFT Marketplace Development

We create your NFT website interface and back-end development solution for trading NFTs. Our team also ensures innovative design and development to provide you with a smooth online trading experience.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace

Looking for an NFT platform that can be customized as per your business needs? Our Whitelabel NFT development services let you deploy any desired NFT platform as per your business model easily.

NFT Marketplace on Ethereum

You can also develop NFT solutions on the Ethereum blockchain network by opting for our NFT Marketplace on Ethereum services. Ethereum is a platform that lets you view the transaction history and token metadata with ease.

NFT Marketplace on Solana

Solana ensures fast and low-cost transactions and offers higher flexibility while also making the process of trading easy and glitch-free. We can help you develop an NFT solution on Solana easily.

NFT Marketing

As one of the leading NFT development companies, we can help you trade your digital assets efficiently and without any effort. A team of marketers will strategize and plan your NFT sales so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Leverage our expertise to roll out reliable blockchain solutions.

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Our Technology Stack Is Equipped With All The Latest Tech You Need

Our tech stack consists of all the latest tools and technologies to create your NFT masterpiece.

  • MongoDB
  • Objective
  • SQLite
  • Swift
  • Xcode

Applify Is Your Perfect NFT Development Partner

When it comes to technology, we are your go-to team. As a premier NFT app development company, we can help you convert your digital assets into NFTs that will give you the sole owner of those assets.

Have an idea about NFT development but don't know where to start? Worry not! With the help of our NFT services, you can analyze, implement, and launch all the right NFT solutions for your business.

With all the right expertise and market understanding, we bring your NFT vision to life. And not just that, we also boast of other added advantages when you choose us for NFT development.


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Authenticate Your Assets By Converting Them Into NFTs And Dive Into The Pool Of Profit Opportunities.

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All About NFT

NFTs are also called Non-fungible tokens. These are digital blockchain assets that are unique and cannot be replaced with anything else. It can be a single entity or a proof of ownership of that entity in the digital or physical world.

NFT can be anything from artwork to collectibles and memorabilia. If you trade one NFT for another, you will end up having a completely different thing.

  • Communication Issues

    How does it work?

    Most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum as you might have heard is a popular cryptocurrency like bitcoin or dogecoin.

    Its blockchain supports NFTs. So their blocks store extra information and that’s why they work differently.

  • Time-zone Differences

    What’s it used for?

    NFTs can be used to buy digital assets. NFTs have brought together digital ownership and investment in unique assets. And the future looks bright for these unique trading cards.

    As blockchain has been known for its security and lesser mishaps, NFTs utilize both of these attributes and offer a high-security level.

    It is going to have several use cases in the near future. We can expect a surge in blockchain tech pioneers ready with new projects and bringing different applications to the market.

NFTs Are Popular For Several Reasons

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NFTs are unique. No two NFTs are alike because their metadata is stored on a blockchain and it cannot be copied or forged.

Avoid Management Issues


NFTs give you ownership of your digital assets. Every NFT has a unique single owner with a unique id and metadata linked to one Ethereum address.

Spare Key Resources


NFTs are recorded on a decentralized public ledger that is immutable and can be verified publicly.

Quick Start


These digital tokens are easy to transfer. You can easily trade it on Distributed Ledger Technology with the help of a decentralized bridge.

The Industry Standards We Follow For Your NFT Token Development

Consultation with ExpertsERC-721

This token is used to represent NFTs and allows the trading of NFTsfrom one account to another account.

ick the Right Model ERC-998

With this token users can trade multiple non-fungible tokens in a single transaction.

Well Defining Expectations ERC-1155

This token standard allows the trading of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. and minimizes the transaction fee for the users.

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We have designed customized plans that are best suited for your project
specifications and business goals.

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The Journey Is Always More Crucial Than The Destination

As one of the finest NFT development companies, we have helped over 200 clients by delivering them solutions that accelerated their growth immensely. We believe that every process is a journey!

Our process is simple and streamlined.


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Crypto such as bitcoin is fungible. So when we trade it for another bitcoin, we will have the same thing with us as the previous. But that is not the case for NFTs. Here if you trade one for another you will end up having a completely different thing.

An NFT can be anything from personal memorabilia to the digital artwork. You can convert anything to NFT and it will give you the ownership of your asset.

You can copy a digital file innumerable times, even in the case of an NFT art. In the case of physical art, you can always cherish having the only copy, but in the case of digital art, a print is much like the original. Although the goal behind NFTs is to give you something that can’t be copied, i.e. ownership of the work. But any artist that is selling artwork through an NFT can always retain the copyright. So obviously it can be reproduced.

The budget of any NFT development depends purely on the platform and business model. But with Applify you can opt for NFT development at affordable prices based on your needs.

When it comes to the time of building the NFT several factors come into consideration like features, chosen platform, technology stack, etc. At Applify, we try to work in the best way possible to deliver quality products in a shorter time.