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As a top blockchain app development company, we help businesses innovate with our profound expertise in blockchain technology. Our service portfolio has everything that you’ll need.

Blockchain strategy and Training

Our team of Blockchain experts conducts blockchain workshops and webinars to help you better understand this innovative technology, its utilization, and use cases. We try to showcase how blockchain has the power to transform your products and discuss case studies of our own projects.

Blockchain Consulting

Got an existing product? With our blockchain consulting services you can now convert your existing solution to a blockchain-powered digital product. We analyze and identify the need for a blockchain solution that can add value to your business and suggest the best-suited technology for your project.


As a Proof of Concept (PoC) our blockchain development team puts together all the practical potential of your blockchain project. This helps you understand how blockchain technology will be integrated into your existing business solution resolving all queries of how the blockchain ecosystem works.

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Blockchain Development

With our blockchain development service, we can help you build custom blockchain apps or you can choose to integrate your existing solution with blockchain. As a leading blockchain development company, we develop innovative and robust blockchain solutions to expedite your business operations.

Leverage our expertise to roll out reliable blockchain solutions.

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Industries That Blockchain Can Serve



Education & E-Learning

Supply Chain

Banking & Finance


Retail & ECommerce


Media & Entertainment


Logistics & Transformation

Real Estate




Stock Trading










Our Technology Stack Is Equipped With All The Latest Tech You Need

Our tech stack consists of all the latest tools and technologies to create your Blockchain masterpiece.

  • MongoDB
  • Objective
  • SQLite
  • Swift
  • Xcode

Applify Is Your Perfect Blockchain App Development Partner

When it comes to technology, we are your go-to team. As a premier Blockchain app development company, we have over the years gathered a team of blockchain app developers and designers who know Blockchain inside out.

Have trouble integrating blockchain technology into your business solutions? Worry not! With the help of our blockchain services, you can analyze, implement, and deliver all the right blockchain solutions for your project.

With all the right expertise and market understanding, we bring your blockchain vision to life. And not just that, we also boast of other added advantages when you choose us for blockchain development.


Client-first approach


100% transparency


Experienced teams


Flexible engagement models


Quality assurance & support


Confidenciality assure

Blockchain Technology Is The Trend Of Today

In the digital era, there’s no scope for delayed and time-consuming technologies. Blockchain is made for modern business solutions and brings with it a series of added perks.

Third-party Elimination
Third-party Elimination

Blockchain has completely taken over the operations hence, the involvement of any third party becomes minimal to none.

Promotes Transparency
Promotes Transparency

Blockchain brings in complete transparency by consulting its decentralized public ledger and user ranking.

Faster Processes
Faster Processes

Blockchain technology speeds up different processes by eliminating the traditional, paper-heavy approach involving third parties.

Enhanced security

Blockchain enhances the security of a transaction by encrypting it and storing it across a network of computers

Automated Transactions

This technology can be programmed and in all the right conditions, different transactions can be automated.

Reduced Costs

Blockchain helps cut extra costs by eliminating all the paperwork that would have been used for streamlined transactions.

Ready to build future defining next-gen blockchain solutions? Take this journey with us!

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specifications and business goals.

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Ideal for businesses with a growing or flexible scope of digital product development. TeamX gives you the ability to build elastic and remote tech teams with a “10x” increase in productivity and up to 50% lower hiring expenses.

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Ideal for individuals ready to start their entrepreneurial journey with a product design. StartX increases the odds of getting preseed funding by “5x” with a UI design, UX research, clickable prototype and pitch deck.

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Ideal for startups who need our tech team’s expertise and accountability. DevelopX helps you launch user-centric digital products powered by top-tier technologies and built following world-class standards.

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The Journey Is Always More Crucial Than The Destination

As one of the finest blockchain development companies, we have helped over 200 clients by delivering them solutions that accelerated their growth immensely. We believe that every process is a journey!

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Quality Assurance


App Store Submission


App Maintenance and Support


Blockchain is a trending technology that can benefit several industries, including healthcare, finance, insurance, stock trading, etc. Businesses across the world are exploring ways to integrate this disruptive technology into their business models. Applify rings you one step closer to understanding this technology and how you can implement it into your business solutions through our blockchain consultation services.

Applify tries to keep its Blockchain development process simple and easy. Our process looks like this:

  • Blockchain Ideation
  • PoC
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Blockchain Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • App Maintenance and Support

Blockchain is a digital record of transactions. Here individual records called blocks are linked together in a single list known as a chain. This technology offers faster and safer transactions. A transaction is streamlined by making it visible to the users leading to increased transparency.

Though blockchain is a trending technology and has several advantages, it also brings with it certain challenges as well. It comes with a few scalability issues. So make sure to choose an experienced blockchain development company while outsourcing your blockchain project.

Applify is an award-winning app development company with over 8 years of experience. Over the years we have delivered 400+ projects to clients around the globe. In the process, we have enabled both global enterprises & startups to expedite their digital transformation initiatives. With our cutting-edge technologies, agile practices, and customer-driven approach your blockchain development project will be in the right hands.

Start by choosing a suitable consensus method for your blockchain app to ensure the security of your blockchain. Secondly, decide on the configuration for your design architecture. Keep the UI and admin panel for your blockchain app for the last.