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UI/UX design is one of the critical factors to make a mobile app successful. From design and strategy to development and maintenance, Applify is your go-to app design company. Our ui ux design services are tailored to meet your business needs.


Design Consultation

With our team of design experts, you can opt for design consultation where you can discuss your ideas.


Branding & Identity

We weave a story with brand elements like logos, icons, and a color scheme that define your brand personality.


Web UI Design

Get users to spend more time on your website through responsive website interface designs that are visually appealing.


App UI Design

Our user interface designers make sure that your mobile app is intuitive along with immersive designs that will delight users.


Saas UI Design

We strive to craft engaging SaaS UIs that are tailored as per the likes of your software users.


Clickable prototypes

Got a user interface design idea? Validate it by getting a clickable prototype built and experience it in real-time.


UI Upgrade

Our UI designers will keep your mobile UI design updated with the latest trends and OS releases to enhance the overall usability and performance.


Design Testing

We also run usability tests on the designs we create to ensure a seamless user experience when the product launches.

Employees Working In The Office

We have a design-driven technology stack

As a leading user interface design company, we excel in all the latest technologies and advanced tools to design your masterpiece.

  • MongoDB
  • Objective
  • SQLite
  • Hire UI Designer
  • Xcode

Reimagine User Interface with Applify

A good user interface design starts with understanding the users’ desires and needs. As a leading UI design company, we always try to look at every design from users' perspectives and try to embrace their visions. It’s what drives us to create designs that are relatable and seamless.

We use a user-centric approach

We follow the user-first approach

Our designs are innovative yet simple

We prioritize design thinking

Delivered 400+ projects globally

We are driven by Innovation

Why Invest in UI Design?

The UI is directly related to user experience. Investing in a good user interface design gives you a competitive edge over your competitors in an ever-evolving digital space. A good UI design is one that makes users’ digital interaction as fluid, easy and intuitive. And that’s not it. It comes with a long list of added advantages.

Retention & Acquistition
Retention & acquisition

With a good UI can help you retain your loyal customers while also creating possibilities for new customer acquisition.

Lower Development Costs
Lower development costs

A well-planned UI design, in the beginning, can help you save costs of future rectifications and design issues.

Better Efficiency
Better Efficiency

A good UI promotes efficiency on both ends. Users can perform actions hassle-free while the brand enjoys high sales.

More Engagement
More Engagement

A well-designed UI encourages customer engagement, promoting a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate.

Discover the essential phases of our UI Design process

As one of the best user interface design firms, we have helped clients with idea validation to raise funds for their startups through clickable prototypes.

We believe that every process is a journey!

Our process is simple and streamlined.








UI Design




Quality Assurance


App Store Submission


App Maintenance and Support

Together, let’s create meaningful immersive experiences

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UI stands for User Interface. The UI design pertains to the aesthetic elements of a website or an application. These elements include buttons, icons, colors, fonts, etc, and help the users to interact with the website or the app. Whereas UX is short for User Experience. Hence UX design is the design process where the main focus is to design a system that offers a great experience to the people using it.

A user interface designer works on creating interfaces that are user-friendly. They try to design complex technical products in such a way that users can effortlessly use them.

A UI designer focuses on design that delights the users. They start by researching and evaluating all the user requirements and then create a design that will deliver an outstanding experience to the users. Whereas a product designer works on everything from UI/UX to coding, and project management.

Yes. With every project we take, we make sure that your precious ideas stay safe and secure. For this, we sign an NDA even before receiving your app ideas for clickable UI prototype development.

Over the course of 7 years, Applify has curated a team of 100+ designers that understand the users’ psychology and market needs. Our designs have been loved by clients and users globally and have been recognized as the best design development company by the top B2B platforms such as Clutch.