Validate Your Business Idea With a with Prototype App Development

Our prototype app development services enable businesses to realize their ideas by taking the user on a journey through the market-fit product and creating a design that urges them to take desirable actions. Translate your business idea and vision into reality with us.

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Our app prototyping services have something for every business

Prototyping plays a valuable role in product development that we can’t ignore! A demonstration beforehand of how a product will look before the final mobile app design goes a long way in making it a success.

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  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • IoT & Wearable App Prototyping
  • Custom Mobile App Prototyping
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  • Android Mobile App Prototype
  • Rapid Prototypes

    Applify provides you with an option for rapid application prototype development where our experts will create an initial model of a product using a three-dimensional computer-aided design.

  • Interactive Prototypes

    We create fully interactive clickable prototypes in no time that look and work exactly as your mobile app or website should.

  • Custom Mobile App Prototyping

    Share your idea and our team of experts will create custom app prototypes to make you see things clearly.

  • IoT & Wearable App Prototyping

    Looking for IoT and wearable apps expert? Our iterative methodology will deliver you the best IoT and wearable app prototypes.

  • Android Mobile App Prototype

    Let our experts build an iterative Android mobile app prototype explicitly engineered as per your on-demand Android app.

  • iOS App Mockup and Prototype

    We excel in iOS app mockups and prototyping to make the vision of your dream iOS app even clearer.

Our Tech Stack At A Glance

As a leading prototype app development company, we excel in all the latest technologies and advanced tools to launch a market-fit digital product.

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  • Xcode | Applify Xcode

Applify Builds Your Idea Into A Fully Functioning App Prototype

We have empowered more than 125 startups to envision their digital product idea and make them successful. With our tried and tested approach, we can help you fulfill your business objectives.

We understand | Applify
We understand

At Applify, we understand the need for a beforehand demonstration ahead of the final design. That’s why we allow clients to view the design and provide feedback. Quicker the process. faster will be the results.

Innovative | Applify
We Evaluate

Innovation takes time and every project requires careful analysis before its implementation. We believe in taking one step at a time and streamlining the application prototype development process for you as much as possible.

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We Deliver

Herein, our experts invest a great deal of time and effort to build a market-fit digital prototype. You can use this deliverable to gain user feedback and pitch to investors.

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Why prototype app development is the right step?

Being in the mobile app development business for over 7 years has taught us that every app idea needs complex analysis to be validated. Not only does it give our clients an idea of what the product will look like but also nudges the development teams in the right direction.

  • Idea validation

    An application prototype lets you validate your idea so that you have something concrete to present to investors and stakeholders for fundraising.

  • Improved usability

    Mobile app prototyping can help you improve product usability and determine any issues in the process or the core functionality.

  • Early requirement determination

    Prototypes are a great way of determining requirements and discovering possible pitfalls early in the process.

  • Test ui-ux

    When you develop a mobile app prototype, testing the user interface, user experience, and core functionality through user feedback becomes easy.

The journey is always
more crucial than the destination

As one of the best app development companies, we have helped clients with
idea validation to raise funds for their startups through clickable prototypes.


A clickable prototype is a visual representation of a mobile application or website but with very limited functionalities. It lets the product owners or developers get an idea about how the product will turn out to be. A clickable prototype offers an interactive experience or a mockup of the final product. Prototypes are often made in the quickest time periods and are usually cheap in cost.

Yes. With every project we take on, we make sure that your precious ideas stay safe and secure. For this, we sign an NDA even before receiving your app ideas for prototype development.

A clickable wireframe is a low-fidelity, basic layout of the user interface of a website or software application. In contrast, clickable prototypes are advanced wireframes that are much more detailed and interactive than clickable wireframes.

Wireframing is the step that comes before prototyping. It is basically a two-dimensional illustration of the interface of any web page or app. The main focus of wireframing is space allocation in content, showing key functionalities, etc. Prototype on the other hand is a much more visual and interactive representation of a website or mobile application much like a mockup. You can read this article to learn how to build a clickable prototype from an idea.

Applify is an award-winning app development company with over 8 years of experience. Over the years we have delivered 500+ projects to clients around the globe. In the process, we have enabled both global enterprises & startups to expedite their digital transformation initiatives and helped several startups validate their ideas through a clickable prototype. Our app prototyping services are curated strictly as per our client’s needs. Get in touch for a free consultation.