Resource as a Service

Over the course of 8+ years, Applify has established itself not just as a product development company, but also as a tech growth enabler for startups globally. We have always strived to deliver all that our clients need at every stage of their development process; whether product or business.

Along our journey, we realized that certain resources can add a great positive impact on our clients. But hiring a single or a few resources was still a challenge for new startups and small businesses. That led us to create a resource-based service stack you can explore to navigate your next project.

Hire Resources as per Your Project Needs

We bring to the table a full range of experience and expertise to each customer engagement. At the same time, we also understand the need for flexibility to help businesses navigate their specific business requirements.


Single or Multiple Resources

Applify strives to help businesses grow irrespective of their sizes. We also promote flexibility when it comes to our services. Whether you are looking for the whole development team or just one or two developers, we let you keep your options open.


Resources for Development

We are a team of tech enthusiasts with a wide range of expertise when it comes to product development. Hiring dedicated developers or development teams from us come with a number of added perks.

  • Faster & hassle-free onboarding
  • 50% lower hiring expenses
  • Top-tier talent and expertise

Resources for Management

Don’t let poor management hamper your development process and ultimately your business growth. With Applify, you can now leverage our project management expertise for 360-degree growth.

  • Get your own success manager
  • Eradicate blockers through regular feedback
  • Your team, our management

Resources for Business

Your business deserves fuel that can skyrocket transformation. Applify aims to be your accelerator at every stage of your startup and adds value to your core transformation through a series of advantages.

  • 30 days of free maintenance and support
  • $100k worth of credits & discounts
  • Top platforms to supplement your product growth

Discuss your requirements with us today and get the best resources that can fuel your business for more successful endeavours.


Want to know more about what we have to offer?

Our services

Applify Is One-Stop Shop For All Your Resource Supplies

Applify strives to provide you with a complete package to save you time and money. We understand the core needs of startups and businesses and have fashioned not only service packages but also resources as services for your easier engagement.



Our engagement models make space for flexibility, where you can choose the resources as per your business needs and choose to take charge any time you want.


Top talent

For high-quality solutions, we ensure a minimum of 4+ years of work experience for every developer. With their industry and technology, they add a quality touch to your final solutions.


360-degree support

Applify comes with a series of added perks for your product development. From appointing a success enabler for your progress check to scrum masters to facilitate the development, we think of it all!


Applify Care

We don’t leave your side after your products are deployed and launched. For 30 days we provide free maintenance and support and take care of any issue that arises in your digital assets so you can relax.


Assured Quality

Applify takes pride in the high-quality products that we deliver. From clean codes to impeccable user experience, we thrive on attention to detail. Just like you, we prioritize quality and class of experiences.


Complete transparency

Don’t worry about communication when you are our partner. From progress reports to query solutions, we will let you know everything that’s going on throughout your development process.

We believe we have something you might need to stay one step ahead of the game.
So discuss your project requirements with us and let us serve you better.

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Engagement Models

We have designed customized plans that are best suited for your project
specifications and business goals.

For building remote teams


Most Popular

If you’re looking to extend your existing team size or add a new resource, go for our TeamX model. Through this service, Applify brings both niche expertise and a large talent pool to help you expand your team.

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For designing your product idea


Most Valued

Whether you’re a small business or a budding startup, if you’re looking for Angel investment, StartX is for you! We can help you build your core idea so that you have something to show the investors.

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For building products


Managed by us

For those with a brief project idea and a working capital, this is your go-to plan. We will provide you with rapid product development, while also helping you get the flexibility against the constantly-evolving market.

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You might be a resource away from reaching for the stars

Let us contribute to your growth and unlock new areas of collaboration that might expedite your business growth in the best way possible!

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Yes. Applify’s RaaS model is quite flexible. You can hire single or multiple resources from us.

Yes. With every collaboration, we always keep the security of your precious ideas first. That’s why we always sign an NDA before starting the partnership to assure you peace of mind.

With Applify, you can hire resources in 3 easy steps.
Step 1. Connect with our business team for your requirement discussion.
Step 2. Let us screen and avail the best resources as per your project requirements.
Step 3. Once they match your needs, we deploy and get them ready to work on your project.

For the benefit of our clients, Applify has curated a RaaS model, where you can hire resources from us that can help you grow your business. We offer flexible resources as per your current business requirements.

Applify is your one-stop shop for all your development, business and management needs. In order to make the partnership with us even more fruitful for you, we ensure that every step of the journey is seamless and hassle-free.

There is more than one reason for resources from Applify.

  • 8+ years of industry experience
  • Delivered 400+ projects globally
  • Technical Support and help at each step
  • Transparent communication
  • Strict NDAs and safety policies