Mobile apps are like babies. They take a lot to bring into the world and need constant support to upkeep. We’re proud, diligent app parents.

It's an app marathon, not a sprint. Our mobile product management team focuses on creating well-designed products and supporting you throughout the product life-cycle. From bug fixing to major app overhauls, from adding features to entering new markets, from customer support to product pivots - we'll hold your hand

Good data drives good decisions. Analytics can give you actionable insights into every aspect of your app. We integrate robust data platforms and dig deep to get the most valuable insights that answer tons of questions. Do your users just visit pages and bounce off? Where and when? What truly engages them to stay longer? Applify can help you test, measure, analyze and make business decisions backed by hard numbers.

What do you get from us? A plan for your app’s future. You get weekly and monthly maintenance reports. You get analytics, you get your questions answered and you get solutions. We offer free maintenance for a given time for the apps we've developed including everything but feature enhancements.

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