From an introductory paragraph to the final product, Applify provides you with the strategic guidance that helps you explore all creative arenas and channelize toward meeting your business goals!

Strategy is the starting point for app design. We streamline your requirements into a digital strategy for your product, keeping the market competition in sight, always! It is about figuring out what to do, how to do and when.

Having a smart strategy involves preventing the project capital from being blown away, with just throwing ideas out of the park. We ensure you of creating a strategy that delivers results without drilling a whole in your pocket, with high potential ROI.

The best perk of having your product strategy laid out by us is a ‘Features Set’ that you get, which works as a Bible for the designers to work around, developers to understand the complexity and marketing sharks to know your business objectives.

Strategy Services We Offer

Idea assessment

With our expertise in building stellar digital solutions, we first understand your requirements, then evaluate your app idea to launch it successfully in the market.

Market analysis

Our market research services provide clients with the unique information and the best app market research strategies they need to stay ahead of the competition in the digital business environment.

User personas

Developing user personas allows us to gather insights into a target audience group and influence product decisions to create a user-centric design.

KPI determination

Determination of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics allows us to improve the solution from the technical and user-experience standpoint.

Mobile consulting

Whether you have a new app idea or wish to improve your existing solution, our team of experienced consultants analyze its viability, assess device compatibility, and suggest suitable platforms for implementation.

Architecture and DevOps

With almost a decade of proven experience, we offer DevOps services encompassing several capabilities such as iterative and incremental development, workload management, lightweight architecture, automated testing techniques for faster application delivery and better operational efficiency.

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