11 Hacks to Grow your Business App Organically

So, ready with your app but still wondering how will you gather the audience? Here we have listed some of the best and simple hacks you can apply to your mobile application to get people engaged without shelling out your money on advertising. Go ahead! Go Organic!

1.The Right Screenshots

A right combination of screenshots is a must to allure your customers into downloading the mobile app. Each screenshot should convey a specific benefit of the app. Use text to clarify what is being represented by each. Keep in mind if you are telling the right story with your screenshots. The first two are very important as they appear first and foremost in the app description. So, choose wisely which two traits of your app can create the most visual impact.

2. Don’t leave that Website

While some companies tend to decrease their web presence after getting their app build, Analytics show you shouldn’t! People do continue to visit the website even if they have the app handy. Your website is always going to serve as a bridge and a showcase to your app with an app description, screenshots, video demos, contact information, or a form for feedback and the links to all your social media channels.

Even app stores are doing their part to promote app websites. With the release of iOS 6, Apple introduced a Smart App Banner technology that allows you to build a short bridge between your app website and the app itself on the App Store.

3. Work on the App Previews

Apple introduced App Previews in 2014 alongside the release of iOS8. A 30-second video gives you a wonderful chance to impress your customers. As you can see below the App Previews are displayed before any other screenshots.

These even show up in the search and can be played directly from the results page. These 30 seconds can go a long way making your customers either download your app or move away.

4. Incorporating In-app Behavioral Analytics Tools

Once a user downloads an app, she will either become a regular user or will delete it after some days. User retention becomes a very crucial aspect when most apps can retain only 20% of their users. If you are not able to retain your users, your app probably will fade away with time. Won’t it be nice if you could know your user’s best purchase time or best re-engagement time in the app? Some Behavioral Analytics Tools reports every kind of mobile behavior of your customers and calculates the best time to send notifications to your users, using machine intelligence. Your user experience is crucial; you need to know how customers use your app. One of the best ways to do this is through in-app behavior analytics like Localytics or Mixpanel. This can directly affect your app’s zero-to-hero moments.

5. Catchy App Icon

An app icon is the first thing any user is going to confront while searching for the app. It has to be appealing enough. But remember not to make it too complex so as it becomes difficult to figure out the design, keeping in mind small screen devices. Keep it simple yet charming. Make it represent your work and what the app is made for.

6. Boast the Number of Downloads

Most famous apps dominate the app market by boosting their user base. Representing the number of downloads for an app is a nice way to reach to your audience and create an impact.

7. Some Positive Reinforcement

Reward your customers’ efforts for every marginal action they take, be that action as small as filling of information labels. Include visual indicators of progress. This can range from in-line validation with green checkmarks inside account creation form fields (as many pre-existing apps do) to showing their progress as a user in percentages and graphs. Take the example of a food outlet locating App ‘Zomato’ which has incorporated a “foodie level meter” in their app. With every action of yours, you get bonus points which ultimately add up to promoting the user to a higher level.

The “foodie level” is visible to every other user thus imparting a competitive consciousness among users. This also has made the users stay loyal to the app and use it again and again, instead of getting bored and moving onto some other solution. People feel compelled to finish something when they know they’re almost done. Adding a progress bar can increase conversions by up to 40%.

Before diving deeper into more tactics to rule the app market lets introduce you to App Store Optimization. Though many of you will be having some prior idea, going a little technically, this is what Wikipedia says what ASO is-

“App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is for websites, App Store Optimization (ASO) is for mobile apps. Specifically, app store optimization includes the process of ranking highly in an app store’s search results and top charts rankings.”

8.Reviews & Ratings

How many times has it been that you didn’t take a minute to download an app after reading a nice peppy review by its elated, passionate user? Many a time, right? Reviews and ratings not only increase customer reliability but at the same time increase your app’s visibility in the app store. Apps having a 4 or 5-star rating get positioned higher in the search results. ASO (App Store Optimization) algorithms work here.

Here’s how you can attract more users to take out time from their busy lives to review your app-

Add a “Rate Our App” plugin to your App. In this way, a user will not have to go find your app in the app store just to review it.

Give bonus points or some incentives to the reviewers. If yours is a game app you can simply give them some extra points, adding up to their score or even unlock a new map.  If it isn’t a game give them a little discount on your services. After all people, this age needs a real big reason to spend minutes writing comments for your app.

9. Apple Watch Support

With millions of units sold, Apple watch has surely made a way into people’s lives. Also if your app supports Watch OS you will have the advantage in terms of visibility in the app stores. Adding apple watch support will go a long way for your app especially when there are not enough apps supporting it compared to the overall number of apps available in the app stores.

10. Localize Your App

The iTunes App Store has 44 local versions. In one study, localization increased downloads of an iPhone app by 767%. You will miss a big chunk of the market if you localize your app only for a single country. Localization increases the number of potential audiences. Most companies focus on the US app store, it being the biggest but not to deny is also the most crowded. To get translations done you can either hire bloggers or simply can go for online solutions. Take advantage of all the available markets and act smart.

11. Keyword Optimization (KWO)

Research, analyze and select the best keywords to target and drive users from app stores easily. Make sure you have the right keywords in the app name, app description and your keyword field.

So, finally, the hacks are out! Here at Applify, we take care of each and every aspect to make your app, whether iOS or Android, stand out from the crowd. It’s the perfect time to see your app growing up to your mark. Good Luck!


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