Cashify is a platform to sell digital gadgets online. We helped them in creating the Analytics Measurement framework and events tracking plan to implement Mixpanel



Mixpanel is a leading product analytics software company. As Mixpanel Partners we provide support, onboarding, and implementation to help their customers succeed.

Show To stream

Show To Stream

Show to Stream is an OTT platform that brings traditional theater shows into the digital world. Team Applify Build their TV app, Mobile app, and Web app.

Site Dropp

iPhone Mockup

Sitedropp is an on-demand delivery service company and Team Applify Crafted the pertinent mobile app.

Growth Drivers

gd App Screenshot

Growthdrivers is a platform that allows business owners to increase employee engagement and helps to understand the psychology of their workforce. Team Applify crafted a web app and mobile app for them.

KEI Phone

KEI App Screenshot

KEIPhones is an Uganda organization that uplifts women's empowerment by providing digital assistance. Team Applify built the KEIPhones app that educates women and brings them closer to technology.

Transaction Advisor

Transaction Advisor

Transaction advisor is a marketplace that connects contractors, vendors, and homeowners in one place and provides repair and building solutions. We built a user-friendly web solution for them.


fitsentive App Screenshot

Fitlegends is a fitness platform that delivers on-demand workout sessions to users. Applify built an admin panel, a creator web app, and Fitsentive mobile apps.


Amigo App Screenshot

Amigo is a delivery platform that links consumers to riders for same-day delivery service. We crafted mobile applications for them.

Force For Good

Force For Good App Screenshot

Force For Good is a social platform for donations and charity. Applify enabled Force For Good and supports their continuous growth by providing elastic teams.

Newwit App Screenshot

Newwit is a social news prediction game that allows users to predict and discuss news headlines about any topic. Team Applify has developed hybrid mobile apps for Newwit.

Watchwise App Screenshot

Watchwise is the watchmaker of the web3 world. Team Applify built NFT based Web Marketplace App, Mobile App, and Apple Watch app for Watchwise.


Applify team helped Implement Mixpanel to track partners’ and sales consultants' behavior to improve their Salesforce-based web app.

 National Life & General Insurance Company

National Life & General Insurance Company SAOC App Screenshot

National Life & General Insurance Company is one of the biggest and most widely acclaimed companies in Oman. Team Appllify built a mobile app to improve their Insurance claims process.


SThree Screenshot

SThree is a leading international staffing company in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) sector. For recruiters and candidates, Applify designed a web app, admin portal, accompanied by a mobile application

DHI Group

Dice App Screenshot

DHI Group is a leading provider of career marketplaces connecting technology talent with employers. Team Applify built a gaming platform that allows users to create trump cards and superhero avatars.