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A Definitive Checklist for Hiring the Best Mobile App Development Company

Manpreet Kour

Nowadays, mobile app development is being used to build mobile apps for virtually every reason you can think of: selling of goods, rendering of services, marketing products, personal branding, and whatnot.

Mobile apps are so deeply rooted in business that it’s almost impossible to imagine the business world without them. That’s why every business owner small or big is willing to jump into the ocean of mobility.

Now, you might have expertise in your line of business, but making apps for your business is a totally different ball game. The best way to go about it is to choose a good mobile app development company.

A right technology partner like Applify could help you to plan, strategize, design, develop, market, and maintain mobile apps for all platforms. So, if you are here to know how to hire a top app development service provider, you are in the right place.

Here is a checklist to help you hire the best Mobile App Development company for your business.

#1. Document your project requirements

One of the first important steps during mobile app development is the documentation of all the requirements. Basically, it outlines the purpose, and define who will use it, and how to use it. Plus, it also helps the vendor (mobile app development company) to understand the requirements of the product. Documenting project requirements might seem time-consuming in the beginning but is extremely helpful during the app development journey.

#2. Explore their portfolio

Once you have shortlisted top mobile app development companies, going through their portfolios is a smart option. It equips you with the knowledge of the kind of work they do and the number of clients they have worked with in the past, giving you a clearer idea of their credibility. All these insights help you determine if the company is good enough to be trusted or not.

#3. Expertise and platforms on offer

Try and look for app development companies who have developed apps either in the same niche as yours or have a good number of experience of developing apps. Check the features and functionalities of mobile apps developed by them. Be upfront about the platform you want to develop your app for. However, you might even want to build an app to cater to all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows, so pick a mobile application development company that is well-versed with the guidelines for each platform.

#4. Cost-effectiveness

Pricing is one of the most important aspects that businesses consider while looking for top app development companies. That said, it is more important to get a great product than the cheapest price, especially when it comes to mobile apps. Have a clear budget for your app before committing to any pricing terms but most importantly, don’t forget to ask about the payment terms and payment methods while discussing the feature-set and functionalities of the app. Always focus on the quality instead of the price plans.

#5. Design and interface

App users aren’t just looking for great features, they are looking for great experiences. And all great mobile app development companies understand the importance of a seamless design in a mobile app. Make sure that the mobile app development company you choose, pays extra attention to the user experience and the aesthetics of the app.

#6. Check their reviews and ratings

Reviews reveal a lot about companies and businesses. So they are helpful in a lot of ways. A quality app development company would display all kinds of reviews whether good or bad. From reviews and ratings, you can also reach out to their previous clients and get a first-hand idea of their working style, product delivery, and other meaningful insights.

#7. Post-development services

Last but not the least, inquire about the company’s policy around app maintenance and support in detail because after the app is launched, you are going to need its help to fix bugs, release updates, or add new features to your app.

At Applify, our mobile product management team focuses on creating well-designed products and supporting you throughout the product life-cycle. From bug fixing to major app overhauls, from adding features to entering new markets, from customer support to product pivots - we'll hold your hand. .

Must-Ask Questions to your Mobile-Development Partner

Here is a list of some mandatory questions one must ask an app development company before you decide to partner with them. Let’s take a look at them:

  • What coding standards do you follow?
  • What steps do you take to make the application scalable, secure and robust?
  • What design practices and processes you follow?
  • Can you tell us about the apps you have already created?
  • Which steps do you use for customer verification?
  • Are you willing to get into a Non-disclosure agreement?

Final thoughts 

Finding the right app development company for your business is no easy task. It involves rigorous research, checking their expertise, work history, and choosing one company from a pool of many app development companies out there.

Have you found the right app development platform to execute your mobile strategy? At Applify, you get a whole team including a project manager, top-notch developers, genius designers, and a marketing guru - all in one!

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