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7 Mobile Apps for a Productive Start to 2021

Nishant Sharma

Every New Year comes with a lot of positivity, hope, and of course the new year’s resolution list. However, the one thing that tops our lists every time is time management and being more productive than the last year. Today productivity apps are everywhere and each one promises to be the best match for you. We understand that it’s overwhelming to try multiple mobile apps for effective time management and automation of tasks especially when you’re swamped with work.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wade through the ocean of options as we bring you the 7 best mobile apps that will help you stay productive throughout the year.

7 Mobile Apps to increase productivity in the New Year

Here is our list of 7 mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Give these a shot if you want to save some time and boost your productivity in the coming year.

1. Trello

Trello is one of the best tools that will help you organize your work and life. People working together on multiple projects can take the maximum advantage of this app by keeping a record of tasks and managing them in Trello.

With this productivity management tool, you don’t have to check your emails again and again. Trello keeps everyone posted about the progress of the project. Also, you can share notes with others and allocate the task to your team members effortlessly using this amazing project management app.

Special Features:

  • Create customizable boards, lists, or cards
  • Prioritize tasks by adding checklists, sticky notes, and due dates
  • Offline support

2. Calenda.AI

For people who like their time and days managed, this is just the right app. Manage and keep track of your time in order to enhance your productivity. Calenda.AI lets you schedule appointments, events, and to-do lists in complete sync with your calls and emails.

So you have a complete work calendar with time, dates, notes, and much more in one place.

Special features:

  • Telephone directory access to identify and block spam callers
  • Visit bios and social media profiles of callers
  • Customized notes and lists can be added

3. Evernote

Evernote is a notepad, planner, and daily organizer on your phone that you can use anytime you want. With the help of this app, you can jot down your thoughts, ideas, and notes as they come to you. You can also add pictures, audio, etc to your journals.

It is a smart app to let you keep everything in one place and share ideas with people easily.

Key Features:

  • Embed images, audios, checklists, and much more in a single note
  • Scan important documents and organize them
  • Data synchronization on multiple devices

4. LastPass

Do you often forget your passwords and go through the agonizing process of retrieving them time and again? If yes, then LastPass will come in handy. It allows you to access your accounts without the hassle of remembering passwords for a particular site.

But since passwords are an important thing, LastPass also keeps data security as its utmost priority by encrypting the data with the strongest encryption algorithm. In fact, LastPass does not forward your master password to its servers, in order to eliminate any kind of security breach.

Special Features:

  • Includes an encrypted vault for your credit cards, debit cards, etc
  • Free syncing of the data so you can use the app on different devices
  • Multi-factor authentication for high security

5. Hootsuite

The one app that is much needed in this world of social media! With 5M+ downloads in the Google Play Store, this is one trusted app. It includes planning tools for when and how to post content on your social media platforms. You can create your customized posting schedule and keep track of important details such as hashtags and strategies.

This is considered a productivity tool as it helps you save a lot of time by letting you create several posts at a time and schedule them to be posted at specific times as preferred by you.

Special Features:

  • Monitors likes, mentions, and comments on different topics
  • Manages messages on different social media handles
  • Embedded AutoScheduler for publishing scheduled content

6. Forest

This productivity app comes up with an innovative way of time management. This app includes a productivity tracker that works based on a technique called Pomodoro. It breaks down different tasks by setting a timer on a frequent interval. What makes this app even more interesting is that it shows a virtual tree that grows with the task and dies if you touch your phone before the task session is complete.

The Forest app lets you focus on your tasks and includes task breakdowns to ensure that you are getting enough breaks to complete them.

Special Features:

  • Innovative way of beating phone addiction, distraction, and procrastination
  • Rewards for unlocking new tree species;
  • Daily goals, task sessions, and more.

7. Habitica

Good habits lead you to productivity. But making new habits and keeping up with them is easier said than done. So here is an app to help you. Habitica lets you input your habits, daily goals, and to-do lists and creates a game based on them.

You can create an avatar and help it level up and unlock different features by completing your tasks. Also, the app lets you add your friends to your quests.

Special Features:

  • In-game or custom rewards
  • Exciting avatars styles for added fun
  • Exciting in-game features and Avatar level ups

That’s all for now

In the time of advanced technology, what’s better than to let it help you stay productive? More and more apps are coming up for increasing productivity in today’s fast-moving world. We hope that these 7 free mobile apps help you stay focused and organized. Try these apps in 2021 and check off productivity on your new year resolutions list.

Also if you’re thinking about making a productivity app of your own, start a conversation with us about your idea. We’ll take care of the rest.

Wishing you a Happy & Productive 2021!

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