4 Things that People Often Get Wrong about UX Copywriting

For most people, UX Copywriting is still a mystery.

“What copywriting has to do with user experience? It should belong to the marketing team only.” they often think.

Even those, who have a little knowledge of it have many misconceptions which need to be cleared up.

So, what are these myths? With the help of the experts at our app development company in Singapore, I have prepared a list of them. So, have a look:

1. No need for copywriting if the design is good
Even the most seasoned professionals can have this myth, which is not true at all.

As I mentioned in my previous article on the importance of UX Copywriting, a poorly written copy always sends a wrong message and confuses users, which ultimately results in a bad user experience.

You need to know that writing a good copy as important as creating a great design – because the UX Copy lacks in quality, the entire efforts you made in your design will go in vain.

2. It takes less time to write a UX copy

This is yet another major misconception about UX copywriting.

UX Copywriters don’t jump right into writing mode as they receive the UX design of a product. Instead, they do thorough research on the web, do brainstorming, engage in discussion with the designer, jot down ideas on paper and shortlist the best ones.

Once they’re done with all this, they begin writing the UX Copy.

So, a UX Copy is not written in just a few minutes. Instead, it takes hours of research and brainstorming for writing a copy that grabs user attention.

3. What UX Copywriters Write is Always Correct
A UX Copywriter doesn’t write a brilliant copy, right on the spot. Instead, he/she writes an ordinary one first and then polish it by fixing grammatical errors and trimming sentences. Even a small headline is proofread, edited, and changed dozens of times before being approved.

Writers are not superhumans. Nor they have any grammar rulebook fixed inside our heads. They make mistakes and sometimes the silly ones.

However, they just make sure that the copy is error-proof before being finalised. That’s why it appears so perfect.

4. UX Copywriters Must be Tech Wizards
A UX Copywriter often has to work with developers and designers. Amidst this, having basic knowledge of designing and development is a plus point.

However, one doesn’t have to be a coding pro or a design ninja for being a UX Copywriter. All that’s needed is the basic knowledge of what the process is all about so that he/she can explain it in simple words.

So, if you have any such myths. It’s time to bust them off. Doing so will help you clear all doubts and get a better insight of what UX Copywriting is all about.

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