Why Copywriting is Important in User Experience Design?

Copywriting in UX happens very rare!

If there are 100 vacancies for UI/UX designer, only 1 or 2 companies are looking for UI/UX Copywriters.

Even in blogs that talk about what makes a UX team, copywriting barely gets a mention.

Actually, most companies treat UX Copywriting as an afterthought on which they don’t pay much attention. Many of them even expect their designers to write a UX copy as well.

This is where they go wrong.

A brilliantly-written UX copy can do wonders. It can magically boost user engagement, change the user’s perception, or even lead to useful conversions.

Here’s what happens when a copywriter writes your UX copy

1. The UX becomes crisp and clear

The following diagram shows how writers and designers say particular things:


If you carefully examine a copy written by a writer and the one written by a designer/developer, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of difference between both.

Designers/developers are specific, while writers are more expressive and descriptive. They can even explain the most complex concepts in a simple manner.

Hence, it will be easy for the audience to understand the content written by a writer and the concept becomes more clear to them this way.

2. No grammatical mistakes

Copywriters pay special attention towards minor details like grammar and punctuation. They specialise in writing error-free content.

Now, if you ask whether grammar matters in a UX copy?

Of Course, it does. No one likes to see typos and inconsistency within apps. Many users might abandon your app the moment they start noticing low-quality writing.

Such moments don’t come if you have a copywriter write the copy of your UX because you’ll seldom find any grammar or punctuation mistake in that.

3. Words are used correctly

A message can be written in various ways. However, it doesn’t mean that all will be the same.

For example, there are two ways to notify the user that his/her transaction was unsuccessful:

  • Transaction failed. Try again.
  • Sorry, we couldn’t process your transaction. Please try again!

The first message seems straightforward and rude. It shows that the transaction failure is none of your concern. He might abandon your app after seeing this message.

The second message, on the other hand, shows that you’re actually worried about the transaction. This will create a good image about you in the customer’s mind.

Copywriters know this very well. They use words that send a clear message and the copy turns out to be great.

4. Your UX reveals to-the-point information only

Two things happen when you write something:

Either we don’t reveal something.


We’ll also end up revealing the information that we shouldn’t have.

Copywriters are well-aware of this fact. They know when to write and when to stop and only reveal details they want to share.

5. The user experience will be outlandish

It’s true that the creativity of a designer plays an important role in UX. Although, adding a little bit of a writer’s expertise will only make it better. It will result in a user experience that’s remarkable.

In a nutshell
UX Copywriting can significantly improve the value of your UX – making it more crisp, clear, and understandable to the user. It’s an art that everyone should master.

App development companies in Oman and all over the world have started realising this fact very well. Hence, there has been a significant rise in companies who’re taking the help of their content writers and copywriters to write their UX Copy.

So, if you haven’t given a thought about using copywriting in UX designing, it’s time you give a little thought. I am sure, you’ll not regret your decision.

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