Master the Art of UX Copywriting

UX and copywriting are different phenomena.

While UX is majorly associated with design, copywriting is a part of marketing. It seldom happens that a copywriter and a UX designer works together.

But now the times have changed. Perhaps, companies have realised that they can’t engage users on the basis of designs alone. So, they’re trying to make the user experience more descriptive and expressive with the help of writers.

UX Copywriting is the result of this association. It focuses on combining the creative insight of a designer with a copywriter’s ability to play with words to create incredible user experiences.

Isn’t this collaboration cool? Experts from two completely different fields working together to create something amazing.

Although, the issue is that not many people are aware of what is UX copywriting and what wonders it can do to the user experience of your app if properly used. Even the most popular app development companies in Oman, UAE, UK, Singapore and all over the world ask their designers to write the UX copy as well.

That’s why we’re coming up with a series of articles related to the topic in which we’ll discuss various things like:

1. Importance of Copywriting in UX
In the article we’ll talk about:

  • If anyone can write a copy, then why do you need to hire a Copywriter?

2. X Things that People Often Get Wrong about UX Copywriting
In this post, we’ll discuss:

  • Common misconceptions that people have about UX Copywriting

3. What makes a UX copy great?
In the blog, we’ll help you identify:

  • How to differentiate a brilliantly-written UX copy from an average one?

4. Why shouldn’t you hire a designer who also writes UX copy?
In this post, we’ll explain:

  • How does it make a difference when a writer writes a UX copy instead of a designer?

5. Best tools for UX Copywriters
In the blog, we’ll reveal:

  • A collection of tools that every UX Copywriter must have

6. How to write a UX copy that engages your audience
In the blog, we’ll share:

  • Some really impressive UX Copywriting tips to improve productivity

So, be prepared folks!

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