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Word of Mouth: An Underrated Yet Powerful App Marketing Weapon

Himanshu Pal

Do you know!

Over 92% people buy products based on recommendations from friends and family members.

This means no compelling campaign or foolproof marketing strategy can convince a user to download an app the way suggestion from a friend does.

This gives rise to a highly influential app promotion tactic called word of mouth marketing (WOM), which is a major reason behind the most app downloads from the Google Playstore and the Android app store.

Don’t believe my words?

See the stats:

Word of mouth stats

The mystery is!

What makes word of mouth marketing so popular?

According to our app development experts in Singapore, there are a plethora of reasons behind the popularity of the trend  like:

  • We trust our friends over strangers
  • Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is contagious. It keeps spreading from one person to other. According to stats, 1000 customers can generate 500,000 conversations about a brand.
  • 66% of brand mentions are positive in nature, which means word of mouth marketing usually results in a positive brand reputation
  • Word of mouth marketing (WOM) is cheap. You don’t need any resources at all. All you need is to motivate your customers to bring more customers to you

Do you know what this means?

With proper implementation, word of mouth marketing can bring great results.


How to use word of mouth marketing to promote an app?

You can do so in a couple of ways, some of which I am going to mention below. Have a glance:

  1. Offer the Best Quality

The most basic requirement of word of mouth marketing is that the quality of your product or service must be best-in-class. Only then, users will share it with others.

Having said that, ensure that your app offers blue-chip user experience and you resolve all flaws in time.

  1. Offer Incentives for friend Reference

People don’t do anything without a  reason. You can’t expect them to promote your app unless it’s earning them any incentive.

Hence, offer them certain rewards for referring the app to friends. They’ll blissfully share your app with everyone.

  1. Use campaigns to boost your posts

Campaigns will ensure that your app reaches the right target audience who download and promote it further.

  1. Use user-generated content

This is one of the most clever ways of using word of mouth marketing for app promotion. Clever because you don’t have to do much from your part. All you need is to share posts with your audience and mention them.

Not only users will be happy, more and more people will try to engage and get featured on your page.

Our Verdict

We live in a time where marketing has reached at an advanced level. There’s no shortage of tactics to promote a product or service online.

Still, they can’t reach all users.

But user conversations happen everywhere, be it home, office, streets, parties, or online websites and blogs. Also unlike other methods, they only get viral with time and keep spreading from one person to other and so on...

Hence, I see word of mouth marketing as one of the most effective app promotion tactics that can bring incredible results if implemented properly.

So, it’s time for companies to realise its potential and start investing their time and efforts on word of mouth marketing as well.

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