Benefits and Main Features of Women’s Health Tracking Mobile App

Are you a fitness freak? If not pre-pandemic, you must have changed post-pandemic. One thing that these unprecedented times have taught us is to be healthy and fit. There are several apps out there for your health and fitness if you are a male. But a health tracking app for females has to be a little more than your normal health apps. In this blog, we will discuss just that.

Living in the digital era and having the extreme need for healthcare, both these industries have amalgamated in an extraordinary range of mobile applications. In the past few years, the use of healthcare mobile apps has been on a rise and during lockdown when people were stuck in their homes, it spiked up even more.

Today, we can say that mHealth mobile apps have had a huge positive impact on the lives of people. People are working out in their homes (as the gyms are closed for a better chunk of time) and these healthcare apps have garnered a vast majority of the audience, still, the market for women’s health tracking apps has a long way to go. However, increasing the health awareness among women and apps like Fitbit for tracking various health metrics has seen a rise towards Femtech.

Femtech basically means the tools (software, diagnostics, products, and services) that are totally made for female healthcare and well-being. This industry includes female sexual wellness, period tracking apps, fertility solutions, reproductive system healthcare, pregnancy, and nursing. 

Advantages of Women’s Health Tracking Mobile Ap

The top three benefits of a women’s health tracking app are listed below.

1. Well-being

These apps make women more aware of their well-being by tracking their bodily functions on a regular basis. Thus helping them have better control of their health.

2. Timely diagnosis of health issues

These apps can be used as analytical tools for women’s health. As these apps track bodily functions in an organized manner, they act as a health-tracking tool that can be used to record essential information. Hence they can timely detect and treat medical issues.

3. Better access in remote areas

There are still places where women’s health issues are considered to be taboo and people don’t talk about them openly. With the help of these apps, more awareness will impregnate the minds of the people globally. Also, women in remote areas will be able to get consultations easily.

Essential features for a women’s health tracking app

To make the app successful the features should provide complete solutions to the problems and should be user-friendly in the first place.

Here are some much-needed features to give a better experience to the user. Hence, enabling you to develop a great Women’s health tracking application.

1. Period Tracker

A period tracker is one of the most essential features of a women’s health tracking mobile app. This is also a plus point as many women look for an app that can track periods for them in today’s busy lives. Some of the important things to include in this tracker are PMS time, present date of the cycle, ovulation period, etc, and keep in mind that the design should be visually appealing and minimal.

2. User Health Profile

The health profile should be such that it doesn’t overwhelm the user. Many apps annoy the users by asking too many questions that are not even needed. So make sure your app cuts to the chase and only asks for the required information and data.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are always a great idea. These keep your users indulged and are a great way to remind them about their daily tasks. In the case of a female health tracking app, you can give them notifications about their health or period. 

4. Medical Issues Analysis

Modern-day machine learning and artificial intelligence models can help in the implementation of this feature is a great way. A thorough analysis can be done based on one’s symptoms. This feature will make the app much more interactive.

5. Digital Consultation

Digital consultation is yet again an attractive feature. There may be a lot of complicated questions that women prefer asking the doctors in private. That’s where the digital consultation feature comes into play. You can partner with professional doctors who can provide real-time consultations. 

6. Refer and earn

A refer and earn feature is always a plus for any app. It always solves two purposes. You can keep the users happy by giving them rewards while they promote and refer your app to friends in return. 


Today, women have become significant contributors to the economy of the world. So it is also necessary that their well-being is looked after too. That is exactly where women’s health tracking apps enter the picture. If you are interested in developing such an app, then make sure you understand their needs and pain points first before launching the app.

Understanding their needs will help you get a better perspective, eventually enabling you to design and develop a better application catering to their needs and requirements. If you’re looking for a reliable mobile and web app development company, connect with us at Applify for a free consultation. to implement your app ideas and create the best app as per your requirements. 

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Vaishali Uniyal is a content writer. She is also an avid reader and a mental health advocate with a dream to travel every nook and corner of the world.

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