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What you Don’t know About Apple’s Updated App Store Guidelines?

Nishant Sharma

To improve the quality of mobile app development, tech giant Apple has made certain modifications to its app store guidelines.

As per the updated Apple app store guidelines,“Any apps created by commercialised template or app generation service will be immediately banned by the app reviewers and that too without any kind of warning or prior intimation.”

Apple’s decision is a part of its initiative to clean low-quality clone and spam apps, which the company made after witnessing the degrading quality of mobile apps. Now, it plans to uplift the standard of mobile apps on the app store.

Still the bigger question is:

How will Apple’s decision affect small businesses?

According to our development experts in Singapore, small businesses are definitely going to be affected. They have limited resources and can’t afford to hire a fully-fledged app development team. So, they rely on templates.However, after Apple’s app store guidelines modification, creating and publishing iOS apps will be difficult for them. This will impact their business as well.

Anyway, Apple has given a January 1, 2018 guideline for app developers. After that, it will start rejecting apps that don’t fit its guidelines. So, if you’re going to publish your app soon, give a quick read to these app review guidelines and ensure that you follow them completely.

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