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Top 3 Grooming Apps that Will Help you Look Perfect

Manpreet Kour

Do you know what’s the similarity between grooming and pizza toppings?

You don’t necessarily need both. Still, it’s good to have them along. They add flavor.

While toppings make your pizza more tasty, grooming improves your looks and makes you look more appealing.

Also, you might’ve seen that most people love being around someone who dresses smartly, are presentable, and smell good. Many even form their first impression about someone on the basis of looks alone.

So, if you also fancy about grooming your looks and adding a little color to your personality, this blogpost can prove worthwhile. It contains a list of:

Grooming Apps that Will Help Your Perfect Your Looks

1. Beardify

Beardify logo

Not the same kind of beard suits on every face. Some people rock goatee, while some look more smashing in stubble.

Everyone has a different kind of face structure and the beard style differs with that. Amidst this, finding the beard style that suits you can be pretty challenging.

That’s when Beardify comes to the rescue. The app lets you choose from the mammoth collection of beard styles for different face structures.

Not only this, you can also check if a beard style looks good on you or not. All you need is to upload your photo and apply from different beard filters available in your app. Claus, soul patch, french beard, full beard – you can try ‘em all.

What we admired?

  • Cool user interface
  • Tonnes of beard filters
  • You can match your beard colour with your hairs to give a realistic look
  • Animation options to give your beard a funny look

2. Cool Guy

Cool guy logo

In order to look good, not only need to choose a beard and hairstyle that suits you. You also need to dress well.

The colors you wear reveal a lot about you. Hence, it’s important to know which color T-shirt will look good with jeans of a particular color. It’s all about colour coordination and dressing sense.

Cool guy can help you decide which color coordination will look good on you and which will not. All you need is to snap your favorite clothes and mix and match on the go. The app will immediately tell you whether a dress combination will work or not.

What we admired about the app?

  • Option to create and try various dress combos
  • Integration with online shopping platforms
  • Ability to share your outfits with friends so that you can have their suggestions

3. Mtailor


Purchasing clothes online is no less challenging than playing chess with your computer. You have taken every decision carefully. A slight mistake and you may end up ordering a dress that’s either too small that you can barely fit in or so large that you look like a hanger.

Fret not, Mtailor is there for your rescue. The utility lets you know in seconds whether the dress you’re going to purchase will suit you or not.

Interesting fact!

The app claims to 20% more accurate than any existing tailor in the world.

Although, you’ll never know unless you try it. So, download the app and see for yourself.

What we admired?

  • Pretty simple to use
  • You can customise your style as per your wish
  • Get accurate measure in 30 seconds. Isn’t that pretty cool?
  • There are options for every occasion, be it summer holidays, winter vacations, a dinner date, or a friend’s marriage

So, which of the above-mentioned handy grooming apps you want to download and use? We’re excited to hear from you.

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