Top 3 App Designs of the Week

The design is an important ingredient for the success of a mobile app because most people decide on its basis whether to download it or not. Given this, the design of your mobile app should be top-notch.

However, the question is:

How does a brilliantly-designed mobile app look like? What are the factors that define whether an app’s design is good or not?

For this reason, we approached our design experts with these queries. They showed us three apps that are best-in-class in terms of design. We’re mentioning them below:

Kitchen Stories logo

Kitchen Stories
Your handbook to master the legendary art of cooking. Unleash the chef in you by learning delicious recipes, reading delectable food stories, improving your cooking expertise with video tutorials and tips from our experts. You can also save your favourite content in customisable cookbooks.

Our designers admired the classy white and yellow theme, minimalistic screen, and easy navigation of the app.

Headspace logo Headspace
In this era of ambition and cut-throat competition, who doesn’t need a life that’s happy and balanced. This wonderful meditation app called Headspace offers you that. With the guided meditations offered in the utility, you’ll learn to train your mind and body for a better lifestyle.

According to our design experts, the funky theme and easy operation of the app makes it stand apart. The icons also look great.

Those who regularly engage in money transfer might be well-aware that the process is hectic. Sometimes, the payments aren’t processed on-time or just fail. Not only this, the transfer charges are very high. TransferWise can help you get rid of all those issues and allow you to transfer your funds seamlessly.

Smooth navigation and dynamic theme are the major USP of the mobile app as per our designers.

Our list of top 3 app designs of the week ends here. If you believe that there’s any other app that’s brilliant in terms of design, feel free to mention in comments. We’ll be happy to include them in our next edition.

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