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The Ultimate Cheat sheet: 50 Ways to Market your App

Siddharth Arora

Have you ever wondered how many different ways there are to market an app? There is actually a lot and if it's something you have ever been curious about, Well, I’m here to help! In this article, I will be giving you 50 ways to market an app.

1. Build A Website

Building a dedicated website for your app is a very useful tool, it gives users information on your app, you can provide updates and let them see it first hand before downloading.

2. Build A Microsite

A micro website functions the same as a standard website would, with the only difference being it is a 2-page website and gets to all of the details quicker than a full website.

3. Create A Video

Videos are awesome and creating one to let people know about your app is even better, it also saves time for the users who don’t necessarily like to read a lot of text! They can just put the video on and listen.

4. Press Release

Creating a PR is a good way to inform potential new customers about your app and build up some hype for it.

5. Catchy App Name

Having an app name that's catchy can really draw people's attention to it whereas a boring name can draw users away.

6. Social Media

One of the most simple ways to make people aware of your app is to simply post on social media and that’s it! Make sure to use relevant tags though as it can help people see your post more often.

7. Fan Pages

A dedicated fan page on Facebook can not only be a place for users you currently have to post and chat but it can also be a great place for new users to be within a community based around your app and it also provides another place to post updates, talk about your app etc.

8. Bloggers

There are many bloggers on the internet in different niches and there are most certainly tech bloggers who talk about apps, prepare a pitch and email some bloggers and maybe you can secure a feature on their blog.

9. Podcast

I personally listen to a lot of podcasts and see how they have amazing potential to boost sales, downloads and just gain a following. For the most part, you just sit and talk about whatever topic you like (in this case your app) and then let your current users know about it and simply ask if they can share with their friends.

10. Email List

I always find email marketing quite tricky due to finding a balance between being considered spam or having the recipient find it interesting and want to read it. Building an email list is rather simple if you already have users but if you don’t then encourage people to sign up to your website, blog etc and then send monthly emails in which you can mention your app.

11. How To Series

I have seen great success with this technique, pick a feature of your app and create a quick 6-10 second video on how to use it and post it on Snapchat or if you would like to create a longer video use platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Remember to also provide these videos within your app for current users.

12. Old School Techniques

Personally, I’m not too sure about old school techniques with apps but apparently, they can still provide great marketing potentials, I still think new-school techniques are better for apps but I could totally be wrong. In short, old school techniques are basically taking the marketing offline and using posters, flyers, phone calls etc.

13. TV Ads

This one can be rather pricey but on average in the UK people spend 24 hours a week watching TV and some over 40 hours a week so what better way to get your app seen than have an ad on TV where so many people are watching at any given time?

14. Paid Ads

Paying for Ads to be on websites, Google, Facebook and other platforms can help get your app seen.

15. Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are simply paying for ads placed on blogs, other apps, websites etc that are related to your niche.

16. Contest (paid app)

If you have a paid app, running a contest and offering the app free to the winner can boost engagement.

17. Good ASO

Ensuring your App Store Optimization is good can help your app be seen within the stores.

18. Promos

Promotions are used to bring excitement to your app, whether it be a launch event or creating videos.

19. Third Party

The third party is basically the same as advertising on another app but it doesn’t need to be niche specific.

20. Featured App

This one can be tricky as it is getting your app featured on the homepage of the store.

21. Consider Multiple Stores

This requires a tiny bit more effort but take into consideration to develop your app for multiple platforms, not just one.


Asking existing users to comment on your app can give it a boost and potentially get other users to download it as positive comments can be influential to others decisions to download.

23. Good Visuals

Having a good looking logo or pictures of your app is great! Some users judge the app just based on looks alone and can encourage downloads by looking good.

24. App Review Sites

There are plenty of app review sites that you can post your app on and have users review it! Reviews are important because not only can they provide positive feedback but can also let you know what needs to be fixed or changed.

25. Start up help

Start up help can help launch businesses but in the case of your app they can also help with marketing it and get people to use it.

26. Use Screenshots to your advantage

Screenshots are amazing, they can show people your app before even downloading it and not only can you use them on your store page but you can post them on social media while marketing your app through these platforms. Why screenshots though? Well as mentioned in 23, some users judge an app based on visuals alone and providing screenshots can help sway their decision.

27. Celebrity Endorsements

If you have the money to do so, you can pay for a celebrity to promote your app. This will, of course, run a lot of money and may not be worth it if you are just a small developer.

28. Youtuber Endorsements

This is the exact same as celebrity endorsements you just contact youtube content creators instead and will cost a lot less and if you’re lucky some may even do it for free.

29. Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth can be one of the most powerful tools you can have because if one person likes your app they can tell a friend and if they like the app they may tell 2 friends and so on.

30. Q&A

Create a Q&A and ask users what they like when it comes to apps, what they would like to see and other questions focused on your chosen niche and then at the end of it, you can drop your app and ask if they would try it.

31. In App Sharing Feature

Simply have a feature to share your app with others, whether it be with social media sharing, SMS sharing, code sharing etc.

32. Exclusive Content

Offer exclusive content to your new users, it's a sweet incentive to get them to download.

33. Keep Your App Maintained

I previously wrote a blog about why it is important to keep your app maintained but to keep it short, if you don’t maintain your app then you are going to lose a lot of users and your app may be a fail story instead of a success.

34. Collaborations

Don’t be afraid to reach out and collaborate with other app creators in your niche, it’s a good boost for both parties!

35. Trials (paid)

On a paid app, instead of expecting people to download your app straight away and spend their hard earned money as most people won’t spend money on paid apps, offer a trial so they can use the app and see if they like it before they buy.

36. Host A Launch Party

This could be a hit or a miss but host a launch party for your app, invite friends and family and even outreach and try to get some local businesses on board. If you really want to go all out you can invite Youtube content creators and celebrities but that’s the hit or miss part of it, they may not show up at all.

37. Partner With Businesses

Partner with a local business, for example, if you have a beauty app then partner with your local beauty salon and have them advertise your app in their store and you promote their business.

38. Have Your App On Your Company Profile

If you use Linkedin or even just on your website then don’t be afraid to mention your app in your company's profile, it’s still part of your business venture right?

39. Be Unique

Don’t be boring, stand out from the crowd and be unique, it can be hard to do now with so many projects following the same path but study the competition and find a way to make your app unique.

40. Tell A Story

Everyone loves a good story so tell the story of how your app came to be, whether it's in a series on Snapchat, a live stream on Kamcord or other similar streaming apps, even create a YouTube video! Then post it on your social media, website and provide a link to it in your app.

41. Timing

Timing is crucial, you need to make sure you have a good time to release your app, too soon or too late can be the beginnings of failure.

42. App Review Websites

There are plenty of websites out there dedicated to helping people out with their apps and app review sites such as AppStorm. The idea is you can submit your app to be reviewed and receive a review based on it, it’s pretty self-explanatory but can be an amazing tool to have.

43. Quora, Wiki, Yahoo

If you see questions on any of these platforms related to your app don’t be afraid to answer them and mention your app!

44. Use Your Business Voicemail

Mention your app in your voicemail, it can help potential customers find it easier.

45. Offer Your App Free To the First Number Of Users

This works for paid apps, offer it free to the first amount of users so for example; the first 50 users to sign up get the app for free.

46. Merchandise

This should probably come after your app is established but creating t-shirts and other merchandise with your apps logo on it can, of course, get your app seen due to people wearing the merchandise in public.

47. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Reviews

You may think asking for a review sounds desperate but actually if done correctly it is fantastic, having reviews on your app allows users to see what people like, what others don’t like and as a developer helps you a lot.

48. Content Discovery Websites

Simply, upload your app and let people discover it!

49. Engage With Your Users

Now I’m not saying you have to reply to every single user on your app but having engagement with them is good practice, whether it be replying to comments or answering emails.

50. Public Speaking

If you have knowledge in a certain field, in this case, app development then offer to do some public speaking at an event or a conference and speak about your app in your talk if it's relevant to do so.

In order to out-stand in the market and boost your app downloads, these tricks will certainly help you to quickly climb your ladder of success.

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