5 Mantras to Fight Monday Blues

Are you tired of fighting Monday Blues? Or do you feel Monday is always exhausting?

Here are the mantras to fight the Monday Blues and uplift your mood.

1. Inculcate positive vibes
The reason we think Mondays are bad is that we believe they are. Always set positive intentions Monday morning. Find things to be grateful for. Set your goals and tell yourself that you’ll achieve them. As an HR, you can also plan a small fun activity or some reward programme in order to boost the employees.

2. Planning ahead
Just to keep it simple and organized, try to plan ahead. Schedule your week in advance. It will help you to make throughout the week smoothly and without missing anything important.

3. Meditation
Meditation is always a cure to calm your mind. It brings your thoughts to focus and helps you to rejuvenate your mind and body naturally. You can also listen to guided meditation audios.

4. Get pumped up with some tunes
Music has a unique link to our emotions. Listening to music can alter your mood. Play your favourite tunes to start the day off right. Bring your headphones to work with you and put yourself in the right frame of mind.

5. Love what you do
Always go for an opportunity that excites you. It is difficult to be good at something you’re not passionate about. You should love your job and then you will never have to face the Monday Blues.

So, are you ready to make your Monday exciting?

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