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How to Make a Great App? These 6 Ideas Will Sail you Through

Himanshu Pal

Very often have I come across app development companies and stats producing organisations posting write-ups relating to what are the top apps, the best apps, “This XYZ App was the best app of the year!” etc etc. But what is it that makes these apps worthy of being called the best apps?

As an app developer, if you too have found yourself asking this question, think no more. Here is what goes into making a great app-

1. Consider smaller markets:

At the start of their careers in app development- both as an indie developer or as an app development company- most developers envision themselves leaving behind top charters in a massive market like the US. However, if you look out for sizably smaller but potentially bigger markets like the UK, Latin America, Singapore, Middle East etc., you land better chances of starting small, yet growing big. Unless you have a breakthrough idea that has full potential of becoming a global top charter, this seems like one of the many logical ways to go.

2. Serve a primary purpose with your app

One mistake that most App developers make is creating a clutter and cram of many and more of features into a single app. As sinful as it is, it wouldn’t define to your users what you intended to do in the first place. Uber can here be considered as a revered case study. After successfully becoming a part of everyday lives of commuters, it later added further features of fare splitting, etc.

Focus, therefore, on first providing for one feature efficiently and then add additional features.

3. Easy Accessibility

The sign up is what decides  whether or not the user will stick to your app. The app should therefore require minimum information from the user on the sign-up screen. Providing a social sign-in option is inevitably the best option to go with. The quicker the user gets in your app, the longer they will stay- for the sheer reason of simplicity of use. They will have quick access to everything the app has to offer.

Apart from this, we’ve already discussed how important UI/UX are to the success of an app; it is equally essential that the app UI does not have a UI thread blocked- an app that hangs is a big NO NO!

4. Stability and Reliability

Prior to its launch, an app must be fully tested by QA Specialists under multiple situations. There’s nothing worse than an app crash because you didn’t test the app enough. Turn off mobile data and test, disable wifi and test on mobile data, test the app on airplane mode, basically in all extreme situations.

5. Speed

What are the apps that you use everyday? From Social Media to music to basic chat apps, the apps you  use everyday are usually the ones that do what you want them to do without crashing or keeping you waiting. However, launching an app like that is a hard point to reach to. If you consider speed as one of the primary features of your app, you’re almost there. Keep your focus in making the app both fast and stable.

Marisa Mayer’s simple rules of App Design come handy when you consider speed as a feature.

6. An app that doesn’t suck up memory and battery

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Jason Fried Quotes

One of the wall quotes in our office.[/caption]

A mobile app over 20mb requires wifi to download, thus if your app size is equal or closer to that, chances are you’ll cut off a major portion of potential app users. If your app requires background app support, again, it is going to suck up the battery very quickly and the chances of users deleting your app are bright. Ensure that you make an app that neither consumes much battery and phone memory.

Beyond all this, there are a hundred other things that you can do to make a great app but what is incomparable is a great app idea. If you do have an idea that can be a game changer or even has a little potential to be there, do not waste any time.

Hire an app development company today and give your idea the effort it deserves.

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