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How to Create an Attractive App Landing Page?

Manpreet Kour

When a developer creates an app not only does he have to think about how the initial page of the app looks but they also have to worry about how the landing page of the website that usually accompanies the app looks. The landing page of the website can be a deciding factor of whether people stick around on your website or leave instantly and it can also determine whether people download your app or not.

Creating an attractive landing page can be rather daunting as there are so many designs you can choose from and one little mistake can ruin a whole page for some users. Some designs will be too much and others will be too little so finding a balance is essential if you really want to keep your landing page looking nice and clean.

Kissmetrics has made a blog and explained that the elements to create a landing page are: C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S

C - Clear call to ActionO - OfferN - Narrow focusV - VIA: Very important ArticlesE - Effective headlineR - Resolution savvy layoutT - Tidy visualsS - Social proof

This is actually a good basis to form your landing page from and is a guide that you can continually use to build your landing page from.

But what do they actually mean?

Clear call to action

A call to action is what you want your users to do whether it be to download your app, sign up to a newsletter, refer a friend to the website etc then that is what your CTA is for, it is a good way of letting your users know what you want without being too pushy and forcing it on them.


Do you have something to exchange for your users visiting your website or app? For example, if they click your CTA to take them to the app store to download your app, give them a 30 day free trial of your app if it is a paid app or if not, whatever your app/business is based around, offer them something free as a “reward” for doing what you wanted them to do.Display your offer on your landing page and have it so it is seen clearly and doesn’t take away attention from the other aspects of your website but it’s still clearly noticeable.

Narrow Focus

Narrow focus isn’t really much to think about, it just means keep your design simple and not over the top.


Basically, making sure you have the important aspects on your landing page; explaining what your website/app is for in a clear way, why people should download your app etc.

Effective Headline

Trying to keep users on your website can be a bit of a pain, however, using an effective headline on your landing page can help keep them around a bit longer. Have a catchy one liner as a headline but don’t make it so ridiculous that it takes away from actually explaining what your business is.

Resolution Savvy Layout

People all around the world use different monitor sizes and resolutions meaning the way your webpage looks on a 19” monitor with low resolution may look great but on a 27” monitor with high resolution it may look, well less than good and everything may be stretched and jumbled up.

Make sure to have a responsive design to different screen sizes.

Tidy Visuals

Don’t have a lot of random images and text laying around on your landing page, you want to make it as distraction free and pleasing to the eye as possible, that's the goal here.

Social Proof

Humans are a bit like the saying “Monkey see, Monkey do” so if you can show proof of what people are saying about your product/app and have testimonials proving value then put them on the landing page, it’s a bit of encouragement for new users.

As I said this is just a guide to go on if you are not very experienced in creating landing pages, it’s still good to keep in mind even with experience but as you get on your feet you can create amazing landing pages that personally suit you and your users and lead to conversions for you.

Example of a BAD landing page:

Landing page (bad)

Example of a GOOD landing page:


So what are the differences between both landing pages?

Bad Landing Page:

  • At first glance it isn’t clear what they are trying to do.
  • There’s too much to make in at once.
  • More text than CTA, images etc.
  • It’s messy and the layout isn’t pleasant to look at.
  • Everything is squeezed together, there is no space.
  • Simply made to “close the deal” and not to draw in users.

Good Landing Page:

  • Its neat and not overwhelming.
  • Good contrasting colours.
  • Clear CTA.
  • User testimonials.
  • Easy to understand the goal of the website.
  • Nicely spaced out and easy but attractive to look at.

Even without an explanation it’s clear to see which web page is bad and which one is good and even the everyday non tech-savvy man can pick out what is wrong with the first example.

This is a simple visual of how to build a landing page and to be truthful, it works!


Building a landing page isn’t something that you will get perfect straight away, in fact, it may take a few attempts to find something that works and that is okay but following this simple guide should help. Remember you are trying to create conversions so keep it clear and try not to overwhelm your users and build engagement.

One thing I will say is, if you do get stuck building your landing page and can’t seem to get it right don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help, a lot of experienced designers won’t hesitate to help someone who is struggling or even take inspiration from an already established website but I will emphasise, DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY.

Have fun with what you are doing and remember that your landing page is just another useful tool in your arsenal to become a success, it won’t happen overnight but these little details all add up and are very powerful to use on your business adventure!

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