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How AI is Changing the Game for App Marketers

Manpreet Kour

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic of this decade.

Several blogs have been written on it, several videos have been made, and several experts have published their research papers.

There’s been a debate on just about everything related to AI - be it whether or not AI is going to replace our jobs or if people will start dating virtual assistants instead of humans (several movies have been made on that as well).

But I am not here talk about them. It’s something else that had my curiosity.

Being part of the marketing team of a leading app development company in Singapore, I often wonder about one thing:AI has affected just about every field – be it healthcare, finance, entertainment, information technology. Now, what impact it’s going to have on the mobile app industry, especially on app marketing?

The answer lies in the following studies which I gathered after a detailed research online. You must be interested in checking them out for sure. So, let’s begin:

1. App user experiences are improvingThe best thing about artificial intelligence is that it’s a self-learning AI, which carefully observes your behaviour & activities and learns from them.

Given this, many apps have started using the artificial intelligence. It’s carefully studying which parts users love the most and which they don’t and hence tweaking the user experience accordingly. This way, the user experience of apps is becoming better, which is an important stat in mobile app marketing.

2. It has become possible to reach right usersI remember a stats from an article that I had written a while back:

Over 72% marketers fail to reach their target audience.

This means most apps don’t reach the users who’re expected to download and use them and hence they go unnoticed.

But not anymore!

Artificial Intelligence has made ad targeting easy thus increasing the chances of the success of an app. This way apps can reach the right audience now.

3. Ads have become more personalMost people hate ads especially the ones that are very plain and generic. After all, no one likes being interrupted in the middle of a video and being told that they should purchase a particular product. But we also know that they’re necessary as they make people aware of products and services. So, what to do?Here’s the solution:

Display ads in such a way that the user watches it but don’t feel bad for the interruption.

That’s why it's recommended to add a lot of personal element to them. However, doing so is also very challenging.

However, all thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithms, the process has become a lot easier. You can know a lot about your user, understand their preferences, and personalise the ad accordingly. This is the reasons ads have more interesting nowadays.

In a NutshellMarketing an app is not easy. You never know exactly what your users like, what they don’t, and which features they would like to have in an app. You can only make guesses instead. Sometimes, apps don’t even reach the intended users.

Amidst this, investing money on the basis of mere guess is not wise at all. What if you don’t get results?

But artificial intelligence has made the process a lot easier. With the help of tools, you can know a lot about the user behaviour and preferences in advance, prepare marketing strategy accordingly, and figure out what will work best.

In simple words, it’s a blessing that has taken the whole game of app marketing to a new level and will continue to do in upcoming decades.

Anyway, what do you think?

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