Tips from a Serial Entrepreneur to Source Talent for Your Startup

Hiring for a startup might seem an easy process. You just have to select the people based on their resumes after all. But this mindset is the first roadblock that might keep you from recruiting the right people.

As for new startups, the initial recruits are the stepping stone of the whole business and brand. So you might want to invest more of your time and strategy in hiring the right team. The question here arises that how to convince people to join your startup?

Especially when you are at the initial stage of your team building and have a limited budget. In the case of a small business, you are more on the edge. The costs of an ill-suited employee during the early phase of a small business can be quite unpleasant. 

Jack Welch once said, “Getting the right people in the right jobs is a lot more important than developing a strategy.” And it cannot be more apt. Especially in today’s business ecosystem where startups are gaining popularity. A well-placed strategy is surely a crucial aspect, but turning an idea into a reality is a whole different marathon. 

You can reach that peak of success only when you have allured the right talent to carry forward your vision. Being diligent while analysing a candidate can be one efficient way of hiring employees for a small business. 

In this post we will discuss about the top recruitment hacks that will help you attract the best possible talent to your startup. So without further ado, jump right in.

7 Tips to Consider While Hiring for a Startup

Tips to Consider While Hiring for a Startup

1. Don’t Go by Resumes

One of the biggest mistakes any recruiter could make is hiring employees for their startup just on the basis of an impressive resume. Now we understand that the hiring process at big organisations is mostly straightforward and you look for similar work experience for a given profile and shortlist the people you will be interviewing. 

But being a new startup, you can reverse a few cliches. 

Instead of looking for an extended list of various job experiences, try looking for skills like creative problem solving or the ability to quickly make sound decisions in the fast-paced business market. Many people who have previously worked for a large organisation might not be a right fit for a startup and vice versa. 

So do not be lulled into thinking that stellar big-company credentials will bring you the same success. Look for relative skills and career motivation that the candidate holds. 

2. Have a Clear Vision

In order to hire the best talent for your startup, it is more than crucial that you have a clear vision. If you are not crystal clear with what you want, you will end up giving a perplexed first impression as a leader. Presenting your founder story boldly and letting the candidates relate to your vision is a key aspect of the hiring strategy for startups. 

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs hiring for their startups fail to sound passionate about their purpose. This is a big red flag as you cannot expect others to believe in a vision you yourself are not sure about. So try to be as clear as possible. Know your blind spots and weaknesses and be prepared to answer questions. 

Enticing a great talent starts with how you present your company. 

3. Try to Know their Career Motivations

When you begin the process of hiring for startup, try to understand what drives your candidates. Knowing what is important for them will give you a fair idea of whether or not they fit into your vision.

Ask questions like “where do you see yourself five years from now?” Ask them what can they bring to your company and let them be creative. 

Hiring someone who is career-driven and motivated will help you in the long run while people joining your team just for lucrative opportunities won’t. Knowing what they want from a job will help you better focus on their personalities. Hiring talent with personality gives a spirit boost to the job.

Just remember, if you want to hire the best-suited employees for your startup, it is important that you know what they want and are ready to deliver it as well.

4. Be As Authentic As Possible

In today’s business world, what you require most is a team that is innovative and constantly comes up with new and engaging ideas. Whether you are hiring app developers for your startup or UX designers or even strategy analysts, they should be someone who adds value to what you already have created. 

Try to be as unique and authentic as possible. Let your future employees know that your company will be a place for them where they can bring in all the out-of-the-box ideas and explore new things. Nothing attracts people more than knowing they have a certain freedom and flexibility.

The employees you’ll be hiring won’t just be a team but a family. So being transparent with them from the starting will only reap you good fruits. 

5. Find Values that Match Yours

One of the most important things to match with your candidates is the set of values that you and your startup hold. People who do not have matching values as yours won’t really be adding to your organisational goals. It is also important to note that this mismatch might also result in office quarrels and non-cooperation among your teammates. 

There won’t be any scope of growth and success if you end up wasting your time to fix employee disputes. Be willing to solve employee issues but also make sure that such situations do not arise in the first place. Here similar values and perspectives come into play.

By finding similar core values in the people you hire, you will be able to create a team culture of successful and like-minded employees.

6. Innovate in the Interview Process

An interview will be your first meeting with your potential teammates. So instead of just going for traditional interviewing methods of asking questions try to innovate the process. You can a lot them tasks that help them use their skills such as active problem solving, decision making, and their ability to come up with innovative ideas.

Apart from testing their skills, make sure you run careful background checks on the candidates and asking them for references in case they have worked previously. Another way of pulling a fruitful interview session is trying to be a little more empathetic and letting the candidates know that their vision is also being considered.

Instead of bluntly asking questions and expecting fancy technical answers, try making your interview sessions about knowing the person. 

7. Promote a Culture of Growth

The twenty-first century has also brought a transformation in the way of people’s thinking and expectations. Gone are the days where jobs were a mere way of earning money. Today people search for meaning and purpose in a job. And if you want to attract the best talent, make sure that you are an accelerator, not a break.

Be communicative and show them how you focus on growing people along with the profit. Show them how you are different from other companies. One of the advantages that set startups and small businesses apart is that there is more exposure and growth as compared to larger firms that are already set in their ways.

By promoting an environment of growth, you can attract team members who are productive and think outside the box and grow along with fulfilling organisational goals.


Hiring for a startup can be daunting at times but if you try and put a little effort in the process, it can prove to be a valuable investment for your organisation. So make sure that you are creative with the recruitment strategy since the success or failure of your venture will undoubtedly depend on the first few people you hire.

We hope that the above mentioned 7 recruiting tactics help you allure the best-suited talent for your business venture. In case you need help recruiting for your startup, feel free to get in touch with us.

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