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Cross Platform Apps: Should You Invest in Them?

Manpreet Kour

The concept of cross-platform app development received mixed responses when it was introduced in the market. Some people felt that it was a better and cheaper alternative to native app development. On the other hand, there were a few who were skeptical whether or not the cross-platform apps will be able to deliver the same quality and user experience the native apps do.

Now, it’s been a long time since cross-platform apps are in the market. Even in the new emerging market like Dubai, app developers feel they have become an incredible part of the mobile app industry and people have started preferring them over native apps.

However, there is still an ongoing debate about choosing between cross-platform and native app development. You also might’ve wondered many times:

Should I invest in cross-platform apps?

Deciding so isn’t that easy. You’ve to thoroughly analyze each aspect of cross-platform apps and proceed ahead only if they meet your requirements. Our blog post will prove a lot helpful for this purpose:

Most People Prefer Cross-platform apps because:

  • They are less costly
  • It’s easy to market them
  • They can help you reach a wider audience
  • Single code can be used on multiple platforms

However, some are dubious about them given the following reasons:

  • Platform limitations, i.e. some feature on one platform may not work well on other.
  • User experience doesn’t remain the same
  • Platform integration is challenging

Following are the scenarios when cross-platform app development will best suit your requirements:

  • Your primary goal is to increase your audience reach
  • User-experience isn’t your priority
  • Your app is just a medium to keep in touch with the user
  • Your target audience is available on multiple platforms. However, you don’t have a suitable budget to have an app for each

In a nutshell, cross-platform apps aren’t a bad option if you know whether or not they’re going to solve your purpose. There is no use of making an unwise investment because doing so will only waste your money and resources. Hence, it’s important to do careful research and then take a wise decision.

In case you need further guidance, you can contact our app development experts in Dubai. They will offer you the best-in-industry solution.

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