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Top 10 Creative Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Nishant Sharma

2021 is the year of creativity. Although we were struck by a global pandemic in the past year, that has not stopped creative advancements from booming. Especially in the field of technology where we can see growth year after year. These technological advancements have made way for a number of creative startups and small businesses. 

Creativity is an essential trait of a successful entrepreneur. It can help you in more than just building a business plan and solving problems. You can actually build a business that’s fully centered around creativity. Especially with technology at hand, creativity can go a long way.

Creative Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Creative Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs - Applify

1. Virtual Medical Services

The coronavirus crisis truly made us realize the value of the medical and healthcare industry. Although an integral part of the world, it was amid this pandemic that the human race realized how fragile life is and what a difference can a strong medical and healthcare infrastructure make.

So if we are talking about creative business ideas why not start with it?

In recent years we have also been introduced to telehealth and virtual healthcare. As Covid-19 gave way to social distancing, the visits to hospitals have also been replaced by virtual medical services.

Virtual healthcare refers to the virtual meetings between patients and healthcare professionals via communications technology. Today a business supporting telehealth and virtual health programs will not only be a good business idea but of great importance to people who need urgent medical help. 

Some of the startup ideas relating to virtual medical services can be:

  • Apps that facilitate remote healthcare delivery where people can connect with doctors.
  • Online training programs for physicians.
  • Psychosomatic applications with the help of virtual reality.

2. Artificial Intelligence

There’s no questioning about the position of artificial intelligence in the world of technology. It has been a top tech trend for over a decade and yet it is expected to advance much more. So we can expect this tech trend to rise in the coming years.

Many big businesses have implemented AI applications and it has helped them revamp and streamline their business processes. 

Artificial intelligence is already a huge part of several enterprises in the form of chatbots, security, etc. With a wide scope, AI has the potential of fueling numerous tech startup opportunities. From healthcare to IT services and cybersecurity, it can give way to several creative and unique startups.

  • AI-driven IT services, security, and cybersecurity startups.
  • eLearning startups with AI-based learning mobile apps.
  • Workflow automation services startup leveraging AI.

3. Biotech Startups

Biotech is yet another field that is gaining popularity in recent years. We see a number of biotech startups that easily get fundings from angel investors and governments as these work towards making human lives better.

Whether industrial, medical, environmental, or marine there are a number of options where you can start. Agricultural biotechnology, biofuels, or biomedicine, are some of the best sectors to explore. 

Although biotech startups are not that easy. To begin with, and come up with their own challenges, they do attract entrepreneurs, executives, and investors because of the high payoffs after successful breakthroughs. If you think of yourself to be creative, then you are just an innovative idea away from a massive opportunity as a biotech startup.

Some great biotech business ideas can be:

  • Biofertilizers and biopesticides manufacturing for agriculture.
  • Biotech can be leveraged in food processing businesses.
  • Biodiesel production is something that will be on the rise in the years to come.

A good business idea can help you raise funds easily.

4. Robotics in Startups

Robotics is a fast-growing industry. Due to the high demand for computer science and engineering in 2021, robotics has boomed significantly. In the pandemic stricken world, robotics has turned out to be of great significance.

Many businesses have adopted robots to perform tasks in order to limit human-to-human interaction and help fight the virus. The implementation of robots has also increased the efficiency and productivity of these enterprises.

With several businesses putting robotics to use in the pandemic, the demand for the technology is only going to increase in the years to come. And although robotics can be a bit tricky to handle if you are well aware of the dos and don’ts, it can give rise to innovative business ideas for entrepreneurs. Make sure to do your research before diving into the field.

Some common businesses that can incorporate robotics are:

  • Newspaper or magazines delivery.
  • Business automation services using robotics.
  • Massage or physiotherapy parlors.

5. Background Check Software

As technology advanced, there were also advanced threats to our data safety and security. And in 2021, security is everything. It has made way for several security-related job opportunities. Especially while recruiting, background checks are an important security procedure that firms have been taking seriously these days.

A background check software can be a great startup idea for someone who has a good knowledge of technology and engineering. Background checks will never go out of trend, especially in a world where frauds and illegal ways are always detected every now and then.

6. 3d Printing Business

Back in the day manufacturing was perceived as something with very little or limited scope. But with the digital advancements, this perception came to an end. With it, the digital revolution brought about a maker movement, that has forever changed the face of manufacturing, engineering, and hardware. At the core of this movement lies 3D printing. In today’s world, it can do wonders if implied in the correct sense.

Today global manufacturers are using 3D printing in order to improve product quality and simplify the production processes. But the scope of this technology is not limited to manufacturing. It can be used to bring several other ideas to life. The demand for 3D printing is going to increase in the coming future and will give way to several creative business ideas for young entrepreneurs.

7. Crypto Based App

2021 has also been the year of cryptocurrency and stock trading. Every now and then you will come across a meme or a funny video about how millennials and gen Z have discovered the cryptocurrencies in the lockdown. Although there is some truth to all those jokes today crypto is not just for the rich.

Thanks to several mobile applications, you can now buy and trade cryptos by sitting on the couch at your home. Within seconds the money will be transferred to your bank accounts.

As the subject of cryptocurrency gained popularity, so did the crypto-based startups. Slowly and steadily people are recognizing the markets and investing in crypto. Just like any other business area, this will soon be flooded with blooming startups.

So if you are looking for unique business ideas online, a crypto-based mobile application or website can be your holy grail.

8. Calendar Sync App

We all talk about staying organized and be productive at work. But when it comes to today’s fast-paced hectic life, we tend to forget several deadlines, events, or meetings.

There are several ways to tackle the issue of time management but one of the ways that have been gaining popularity in recent times is a calendar app.

For many of us, calendar apps have made a huge difference by helping us stay on top of upcoming appointments and events, whether they’re personal or work-related. 

So as part of our 10 creative business ideas, a calendar sync app is an amazing option that you can think about. Not only will it be a hit among the working class but also students who have potentially moved their studies online. You can be furthermore creative with the app features and design.

9. Content Automation 

The past few years have given digital marketing and content marketing a new spotlight. With almost everyone owning smartphones, the consumption of content has become an obvious phenomenon.

Adding to that are several new social media platforms that are giving all sorts of content a boost. If you are looking for creative business ideas, content automation is a great choice keeping today’s scenario in mind.

Content automation is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on erasing the need for human intervention in content implementation and cycles. The main focus of content automation is to automate any process related to content marketing that is time-consuming or costly for people.

Content automation explores all the categories of content marketing strategy, from creation and planning to publishing and monitoring. With an increased demand for content, the need to automate content is surging too placing it among the top creative business ideas of 2021.

10. Streaming Platform

Another content-related business idea is a streaming platform. As covid 19 has put the major film and entertainment industry on hold, OTT streaming platforms have been our only source of entertainment and content streaming during the lockdown.

The popularity of these streaming platforms has surged more in the last 2 years than it ever did. And with social distancing becoming a norm, there are many who prefer watching movies at home.

The OTT market is expected to cross $5 billion by 2023 and according to Cisco Online Video will make up for 82% of internet traffic by 2022. So if you are looking for a creative business idea, a streaming platform can be your next successful startup. Because let’s be realistic, the demand for content consumption will not end anytime soon.


2021 has been all about creativity and thinking out of the box. Especially if you are thinking of starting your own startup, be as creative as possible. Also, we know that starting a business can be nerve-racking, and especially when you are investing financially and mentally, you need to think everything through. 

If you are someone who has been looking for creative business ideas for a long time, we hope that this blog will give you some clarity about the ideas and trends. So you can make your startup decision accordingly. 

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