Applify Partners with Clutch to Showcase its Client Experiences

Reflecting on past projects and clients’ success, Applify has taken the initiative to showcase their portfolio for building online reputation. We take immense pride in our ability to outsee, outthink, and outdo competition.

Handling the organization’s technical prowess and client ideas with care, the cornerstones of our success lies in simplicity, clarity, and honesty. Continuing with these values of transparency and reliability, we have partnered with Clutch to showcase our work and our clients’ experiences with massive audience. The business platform has taken the time to speak with some of our clients to learn about their work experience with us and analysed why we stand apart.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that covers over 7,000 companies across 500+ industry verticals, with market research spanning from mobile app development to virtual assistants. Their goal is to match buyers with the best service providers, in order to create fruitful and rewarding business relationships. In their assessment of firms, the company utilises over a dozen scoring criteria from market presence, clientele, and work experience – all supplanted by client reference interviews. These interviews are formed into case study-like reviews, providing the backbone of Clutch’s evaluation of a company.

Clutch has examined our ability to deliver in UX/UI design, custom software, and mobile app development through said client interviews. Here are some of the things our clients have said about us:

“They’re excellent and always helpful. They never dismissed my questions or requests…if I have any concerns, they’ll listen and get a team of people working on a solution right away,” as explained by the co-founder of a mobile messaging app. They further added:

“The whole team is full of honest people. If they say they’re going to do something, they’ll do it. I had a few concerns about the app as it was being built, but they reassured me and were always there to help. They offer great suggestions and have a lot of knowledge.”

Another client, the director of a real estate company, discussed our talent for project management and communication:

“I can talk to them when I need to. I can go back and let them know something needs to be modified, and they would do it for me even though the project is completed. They are happy to make changes and are there when I need them.”

Looking at the work ethic and commitment of our team, here is what the chief genetics officers of a nutrition agency have to say:

“They’re dynamic and dedicated to their work. At no point in time did we have a dispute.” 

Find out more about our projects and our clients’ experiences by taking a look at our Clutch profile.

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