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APPLIFY Named as One of the Top 1,000 Global Companies by Clutch

Manpreet Kour

With an exceptional passion for innovation, Applify has delivered over 500 global projects. Our design-driven approach, agile practices, and time-tested app development process has helped us fuel the growth of innumerable businesses over the years. Even amid the pandemic, we were able to achieve great milestones. With our hard work and efforts, we were able to add yet another feather to our cap. 

We have been named among the Top 1000 Global Companies by Clutch. Clutch is a reliable platform for business and company resources based in the heart of Washington D.C. and is one of the most trusted platforms for verified reviews and ratings. Clutch and its rapidly growing team help businesses from around the world to connect and become more successful together.

Applify would like to take this opportunity to thank Clutch for this recognition. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our clients who have always believed in us and showered us with top ratings and reviews, always. Thank you for taking time out to evaluate us and making Applify what it is today. We as a company are nothing without our clients.

APPLIFY Named as One of the Top 1,000 Global Companies by Clutch

We started our journey back in 2014 with a humble 100 square-foot office space. Over the years, we have grown into a team of 100+ expert developers, designers, and project managers and have delivered several innovative and advanced digital solutions using various top-notch technologies. And this is just the beginning of many more to go. 

Applify excels at building top-rated digital products. Whether your idea is big or small, you can it into a reality with us. We can help you from ideation and design to developing the app with an impeccable user experience. If you have an idea in mind you just need to tell us your budget and our team of experts takes your idea to execution and beyond. You can know more about us here.

Started with an aim to help businesses, big or small, Applify has now introduced new engagement models that can benefit businesses of all sizes.

Start X

If you are a small business or a start-up venture who is looking for an investment, you can avail of our Start X service. Here from market research to clickable prototypes you get everything for your concept or idea you have in mind for your business app. Our team of experts will provide you with a road map and a concrete structure for your app design and then sketch it out into an initial prototype.

This model will give your idea a validation and an initial prototype that you can put forward to your investors. We also provide mentor sessions to listen to the plan of the client and simultaneously guide them with 1 on 1 sessions to come out with the best of ideas. 

Develop X

Most of the time the business entrepreneurs have a concrete idea in mind and a set budget to go by. If you are someone with a brief project idea and a working capital, our Develop X model is the one for you. All you need to do is provide us with an idea and your budget for the app. We will help you design and develop your app according to your business requirements.

As one of the leading app development firms, we always prioritized the user experience. With our well-experienced development team, you can ensure the best quality and UX in the solutions. We also try to deliver your app within the shortest time frames, giving you a hassle-free experience.

Team X

It is said that a  dynamic team is 50% more efficient than a static team. If you are someone who is willing to add people to your existing team or add new resources, our Team X model is the one you should opt for. Based on your business requirements, Applify will assemble a team for you.

With this model, we also free you from the hassles of training and managing your team as we will take care of everything from training to management while still letting you be in charge. So don't et the lack of talent or resources stop you from growing. Take advantage of an extended team and utilize the niche expertise in delivering projects that were getting delayed. 

To drive growth and innovation for your business by leveraging our engagement models and turning your ideas into reality in no time. Connect with us today!

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