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8 Uber Cool Online Tools Every New Entrepreneur Needs

Pankaj Chauhan

As an entrepreneur, you are required to be involved in almost all processes that take place in your startup. Right from managing finances to communicating with prospective clients, you are expected to be on top of your game at all times.

While multitasking is an inherent capability an entrepreneur must possess to be successful, we would like to make your daunting task way more simple by suggesting these handy online tools that would help glide through your day!

What is even more amazing is, that, all of these tools come with a plenty of services that are free, and that’s a big plus because let’s be honest, when you have a new start-up to run, you don’t want to misspend your dollars. And you can always upgrade to paid services as and when you think you are ready.Read on to find out what these tools are how they are going to benefit you to optimize your productivity.

1. Trello:


I can’t begin to express how wonderful Trello as a project management tool is. It helps organize all you have to do with a very easy-to-use interface. It allows the user to create projects, prioritize tasks, track its progress and allocate tasks to your team while communicating with your team through it. Even outside the office, it can assist you with a plethora of tasks like planning a party, a vacation checklist or generally stay organized. The mobile app is for free and available for both Android and iOS and pretty hand with its drag and drop features making it a must-have.

2. Mint:


Money management is one task that needs prudence, patience and planning expertise. Worry not because Mint is one star of a platform to assist you with it. Mint is a go-to for many stellar entrepreneurs. Tracking countless bills on a regular basis is no cake walk and Mint proves to be second to none in doing that. Create budgets, analyze your credit score and get intuitive suggestion based on your spending using this straightforward boon by the app developers.

3. MailChimp


Instead of boring and long emails, MailChimp allows you to create interesting and pretty newsletters that you can use to make your quarterly reports or updates for your stakeholders. It does not need any advance designing skills and yet ends up making professional looking newsletters. Hail the Chimp!

4. GTmetrix:


GTmetrix is an online tool that lets you analyze the performance of your website in terms of its speed, page size, and total requests, comparing it with the average of other websites. Its tests are from 7 different locations and 3 different browsers for a comprehensive result. It even gives you great insights and actionable recommendations to make your site better. You can also check this for other sites as well to know where you stand.

5. Prezi:


If you are a kickass entrepreneur so should your presentations be? Prezi is a total upscale from the good ol’ PowerPoint and lets you design beautiful, effective and more engaging presentations. Its features like free movement and smart structures make it a must-have for suave bosses! Be it your Board Meet or your Team Review, use Prezi to create the best presentations ever.

6. BookBub:


There is no substitute for knowledge. And when you have a complete enterprise to run, there is no end to what you can learn through books. BookBub allows users to get recommendations on ebooks according to your requirements and lets you download them for free or get great discounts on them. Discover new series in your niche and keep growing your knowledge base.


How annoying are unwanted emails from sites you visited years back and are no longer interested? Use this God sent the app to manage your subscription list at one place and easily unsubscribe from whatever stopped serving your interests and keep your inbox jun free. Because trust me no one wants to read the monthly newsletter to a meditation website that you impulsively signed up for in 2012 when your resume was rejected.


We could all agree as to how important a role sleep plays in getting the best results out of us. For maximum productivity, it becomes imperative to manage your sleep time and this is where comes in. You put in what time you’d like to wake up and it calculates your bedtime allowing you an optimized sleep cycle. With proven experiences to back its benefit, it is definitely worth a try. Go ahead, you deserve the best sleep after that tiring day and yet not miss out on your time.

With app development and digital technology touching new heights every day, it’s time to you use these clever apps and tools to get the maximum out of your 24 hours and be the best version of you every single day.

Happy Creating!

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