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7 Smart Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Process

Siddharth Arora

Do you know what’s the ONE thing people look for while choosing a mobile app development company for their business?

The answer: The speed of their development process.

One of the biggest factors that contributed to Applify’s humongous success as a reliable mobile app development company is our ability to deliver custom digital solutions in the least amount of time.

We are a group of the best developers, designers, and project managers always working in the perfect sync to develop robust mobile apps in a matter of a few days.    

Owing to the dynamic nature of the app development industry and the increasing number of apps being introduced, speeding up your app development process is now more important than ever.

In this blog, we are going to discuss various effective approaches to speed up your development time without compromising on the app quality.

Let’s get started:

1. Focus on the MVP

Instead of launching the complete app in the market, it is advisable to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first that focuses on just the core functionality of the app. It works best because the feedback received during the early stages of development is helpful to understand customer’s requirements and reactions better before actually taking the plunge. 

Fun fact: Did you know that successful apps like Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Mailchimp, and Dropbox were an MVP first?

2. Use low-fidelity wireframes

Wireframing is an effective way to speed up your development process. At Applify, we create low-fidelity wireframes that contain the basic details and functionalities acting as a blueprint of the app. Wireframes are helpful to keep team members on the same page since the beginning of a project, eliminating any chances of miscommunication. You can identify major UX or design issues before the development begins.

3. Become agile

Another smart way to speed up your development process is to adopt the agile methodology. Often referred to as one of the most reliable techniques, it works on shorter release cycles and frequent deliveries. Both in software development and project management, the agile approach is used to deliver products quickly with reduced iterations per sprint along with minimum errors.

4. Automated testing

The only way to deliver a top-notch and highly performant digital solution is by making sure it goes through rigorous testing. It’s no secret that manual testing requires a lot of time and effort, thus automated testing can magically reduce the time it takes to test an application. There are numerous automated testing tools available (Selenium, Appium, TestingWhiz) in the market to help you carry out testing seamlessly without even breaking a sweat.

5. Cross-platform app development

It’s always a tough call to choose the right platform for a mobile application. What if your target audience is on both iOS or Android platforms? In that case, go for cross-platform development. Contrary to popular belief, cross-platform app development is, in fact, easier as compared to native development. It allows you to launch your app on both platforms with a single codebase. It is faster and saves time in recompiling code across different platforms. 

Xamarin, Flutter SDK, PhoneGap are popular cross-platform app development platforms.

6. Integrate third-party modules

Another smart way to reduce your development time is to use ready-made assets offered by plenty of websites online. They provide ready-to-use music, graphics, libraries, plug-ins, and even code. Integrating such third-party modules in your development process is a sureshot way to slash down the development time and costs.

7. Join hands with a reliable development partner

When it comes to mobile app development, it makes sense to outsource the task from a well-known app development company to deliver a high-quality mobile app as certain things might fall out of your expertise. Just make sure to join hands with a credible app development company having good reviews on reputed review portals such as Clutch and AppFutura. Read our guide on how to choose the best mobile app development company here.

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