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6 Killer Tips to Build User Engagement Within Your Mobile App

Siddharth Arora

While working in the app development industry, I have learned an important thing. No matter how effective app you create, it's not a success if it can't generate enough user engagement. How can you expect someone to download your app if he/she is not able to co-relate with it? Even if someone accidentally installs it – he/she will lose interest in your app and uninstall it. However, then what's the purpose of creating the app.

That's why, while designing a mobile app – you should ensure that it's successful in building enough user engagement. This is something you should never ignore. After all, the fate of your mobile app depends on the response of users.

In this post, we'll discuss 6 awesome ways you can build user engagement within your mobile app. I don’t say that these tips will make your app an overnight sensation. Still, there is one thing I can assure. If you follow them, you'll get to see promising results. Rest, the choice is all yours!

Build User Engagement Within Your Mobile App With the Following Handy Tips

1. Keep the App Design Simple and Intuitive

Build User Engagement - Keep the App design Simple

I will begin with the most basic part of an app, i.e. design. Keep it as simple and intuitive as you can. Only then, users will find your app engaging. Otherwise, they'll just get confused and delete it right away.


Let's understand this better with the help of an example. You need an app for paying electricity bills and executing payment transactions online. Now, you find two apps on the store, i.e App A and App B. Both apps serve the same purpose. However,

App A has a dull design, ambiguous navigation, and a complicated user interface.

App B is brilliantly designed - and has a simple and clear-cut user interface.

Which one will you prefer?

App B Of Course!

Why? Let me explain.

Both the apps serve the same purpose. However, they both work in different ways. One is making the whole process hectic with a lifeless design and complicated UI, while the other is making the similar process simple and plain-sailing. So, it's obvious that you'll prefer the latter.

So, if you want users to engage with your app – keep the design minimalist and simple.

2. Pay Attention to Even the Smallest Details

Keeping the app design simple and minimalist doesn't mean that you can ignore a few details. Sometimes, it happens that you might ignore some details within your app considering that they're very basic - but later on, they prove to be crucial for your app. There have been many times when some really promising apps failed to make a mark in the app market just because some simple yet crucial details were missing. So, keep this in mind and pay attention to even the smallest details.

Also, pay special attention to user's likes and dislikes. When picking the colours of your app, select colours that match your user's interests. While reading a wonderful article on how to improve user experience – I stumbled across a wonderful fact, i.e. Over 90% of judgements about products are centred around colours. So, be wise – while selecting a colour for your app because a wrong choice can result in your app missing from making a mark on the app store.

Not only colour! Pay attention to other details like UI, transitions, and images as well. Your app will gather enough user attention only if it's designed properly.

3. Don't Forget the Two Tap Rule

Build User Engagement - Remember Two tap rule

Wondering what the two tap rule is? Ok, let me explain it in detail. This is Yahoo President Marissa Mayer's famous rule related to app design.

According to the rule:

“Once you've launched the mobile app, it shouldn't take more than two taps to do anything you want to. If not – it's time to redesign your app.”

By keeping the two tap rule in your mind – you can create an app with a simple, interactive, and user-engaging design. So, always remember it.

4. Embed a Tutorial in the Starting

If you really want to build user engagement within your mobile app, embed a tutorial in starting. Doing so has two significant advantages:

  • The user gets an idea of using the app. This spares him from the dilemma he'll experience and the amount of time he'll waste while trying to figure out how your app works. Trust me! it's a big no from user engagement point of view.
  • Offering help tutorial in starting shows that you really care about your users and try your best to ease their experience with the app – a major plus-point from user engagement point of view

5. Don't Forget to Integrate Push Notifications

Don't forget to integrate push notifications.jpeg

Let me ask a simple question!

Why do you delete apps from your phone? Don't like the app design! Ok. The app is boring! Ok. The app isn't serving its purpose efficiently! Well, that's accepted.

However, apart from these, there is yet another reason most of us choose to delete apps from our smartphones. The reason is that we don't get to hear them for a long time. If we'll not receive any notification from any app for weeks – it's obvious that we'll forget about it and eventually delete it from our mobile. Now, if you don't want your app to suffer the same fate, integrate push notifications within it. These notifications will keep reminding your users from time to time that your app exists and they should use it. This will keep the user engagement alive.

6. Add New Features but Don't Complicate the App

Is your app not gaining enough user attention despite offering best-in-class features? Well, there is a chance that you have ruined the app design – in the quest to include new features. Sometimes, we just want to create an app that offers everything at one place and in an attempt to do so – we complicate the app design.

Like I have mentioned in the first point – keep the app design simple. Adding a lot of features within your mobile app is really cool. However, it's not a wise design to sacrifice the app design for it.

Overall: Don't Just Create Apps – Create Unique User Experience

What we're trying to say with the above-mentioned points is very simple. If your sole aim to create apps – forget that they will generate enough user attention. What we recommend you is to create a unique user experience in the form of an app. Make your app so simple that even the most inexperienced user can operate it with an ease. However, make it so stylish – that a user can't resist himself from checking it frequently.

Why do you keep checking apps like Instagram and Facebook Messenger frequently - while many other apps go unnoticed? The reason is pretty simple. These apps offer blue-chip user experience and that’s why they’re our favourite. So, what we need is to not just focus on creating apps but focus on creating apps that offer unique user experience. Only then, people will admire your app.

Our list of 6 best tips to build user engagement within your app ends here. Do you have more such suggestions? Please let us know in comments. We’ll be happy to include them in the post. Enjoy!

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