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5G: Reshaping the Future of Different Industries Across the Globe

Pankaj Chauhan

2020 has potentially seen it all. With the new advancements in technology to a global pandemic, it’s been an all-time high and low at the same time. The ever-growing industries have come to standstill. Still, that did not really stop the technology to reach different peaks of success. The much-awaited 5G that launched in 2019, is continuously making waves in 2020. And we are thrilled to have this super-fast tech in our hands ever since.

While the transition from 3G to 4G was one small step for technology, the move from 4G to 5G seems to be a huge step forward. MIT Tech Review has described it as “a technological paradigm shift, akin to the shift from typewriter to computer.”  It is basically how the network ecosystems will function until the next generation comes up. In fact, 5G has already started reshaping our world by creating new innovations. It has opened doors for a wide range of possibilities for the mobile industry and beyond.

A deep insight into 5G

We all know that 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks. It is the next big thing in years to come. And by that, we mean it will give you the new levels of speed. Now the total amount of data transmission over the wireless broadband connections has the ability to travel as high as 20 Gbps.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of 5G.

  1. Better Connectivity: 5G is designed to support a higher traffic capacity, as much as 100x more than the  4G/LTE. It also has lower latency than its predecessor. This means it will be able to provide users with faster and real-time access.
  2. Mixed Reality: 5G will also be a great match for mixed reality i.e. audio and visual. Taking the complete advantage of it, developers can create innovative mixed reality apps.
  3.  Faster Speed: The speed is the main basis of the existence of 5G technology. It offers a 20x more data transfer speed as compared to a 4G mobile network. It will let the users transfer and receive way faster. Earlier the files that took around a few minutes to be downloaded, can now be downloaded in a few seconds.
  4. Lesser Delays: The 5G network will let the users download files, surf the web, and stream videos at a much quicker speed.


Impact on app development and beyond

5G is the future of not just the app development industry but many other industries. It has the capacity to power a broad range of spectrum including transportation, retail, entertainment, education, smart homes, and healthcare.

Let’s take a look at how it is a  game-changer for different industries.

  • Mobile Apps 

5G is the future of app development. With the supercharged wireless network which is all set to support 10-20 GBPS of the download speed, it is all set to revamp the mobile industry. With features such as wireless fiber optics and low latency, autonomous driving and mission-critical apps can be benefitted big time. Also as the downloading will be quicker, it will ensure secure access to cloud storage, enterprise apps access & run high load tasks with great processing power.

  • Entertainment

It’s no secret that more than half of the internet traffic comes from videos and entertainment. 5G will make the video streaming experience better and faster. Moreover, the high-speed 4K video streaming will only take a couple of seconds with better audio quality. 5G will also help in the streaming of live events in HD without any buffering for better user experience.

  • Healthcare

5G will lend a helping hand in the medical field as well. The medical procedures can now be carried out with the help of a reliable wireless network. Chronic medical conditions can take the advantage of real-time monitoring. Another important feature of 5G can be the location tracking that can help patients reach the medical facilities in time in case of medical emergencies. 5G can also decrease the doctor-patient distance by giving patients access to doctors anytime with a better virtual experience.


  • Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a diverse technical model that utilizes a supercharged 5G wireless network with mobile app development. It is basically linking every object, appliance, sensor, and device to the internet. IoT is a great way to reap the complete benefits of 5G. The applications of IoT are able to collect a huge amount of data from millions of devices and sensors across the world. Smart house appliances are a great example of this technology. These appliances can be configured from remote locations, closed-circuit cameras while offering a high-quality real-time video for better security experience.

  • Retail

The retail industry can also benefit from future wireless 5G technologies. It can be used for the purpose of equipment automation, predictive maintenance, process tracking, smart packing, shipping, and energy management. And not just retail, every industry can benefit from it for smart, safe, budget-friendly, and energy-efficient industrial operations.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that 5G will lead to some groundbreaking new innovations in the app development as well as other industries. The faster network will be a cherry on top of any app development. Not only it will provide a better user experience but also help developers in testing and analyzing their apps.

If you have an app idea, get your dream app ready just in time to take the full advantage of 5G.

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