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5 Things that are Preventing You from Becoming a Great App Designer

Pankaj Chauhan

Mobile app designing is not just science, it’s an art. Years of practice and dedication goes into mastering it. So, there is no such thing like a good designer or a bad designer.

Designing is a continuous process of learning where you need to have keen knowledge of color schemes and UI/UX principles. The ones who are persistent enough can end up doing exceptionally well.

Now, how don't you come up with an awesome design? What’s preventing you from becoming a great designer?

There are times when I look at the designs created by our app designing experts in UK and can’t help feel motivated.

So, I decided to reach out during which they shed light on:

Mistakes app designers make that prevent them from becoming successful.

  1. Believing that You Know it All

There’s a famous saying:

The day you start believing that you know everything is the day your downfall starts.”

The speciality of successful app designers is that they have unquenchable thirst for learning. With a spirit like Jon Snow, they devote every second of their life, acquiring knowledge. Eventually they succeed.

Attitude here can make a lot of difference. So, be willing to grasp more and stay consistent.

  1. Not Staying Up to Date

Mobile app industry is all about staying aware and up to date. If you’re out of touch, then many good opportunities are lost. So, it’s important to check the latest trends and implement them further in your work style.

If there is new version of photoshop in the market, try that. If a new UX designing trend has been introduced, apply them in your apps. That’s what great app designers do.

  1. Staying Glued to the Rulebook

To abide by the rules and regulations during app designing phase is important. Doing so ensures that you don’t go off-track. But experimentation brings newness and it equally matters.

Successful app designers follow rules but they also keep exploring new things from time to time, helping to enhance their work.

  1. Doing Everything Alone

Mobile app industry is about teamwork. People with different expertise come together to create an app. Analysts figure out client requirements, designers design the app, developers develop it, testers ensure that your app is up to the mark, while people in the marketing team ensures that it reaches the right audience.

Hence, you can’t expect everything to happen as per your wish. You have to listen to others and make sacrifices whenever needed. You have to be a team player. After all, that’s what all successful app designers do.

  1. Not Practising

Practise makes a man perfect.

Without practise, even the most skilled warriors lose in battle and even the most skilled designers lose their charm. Hence, it’s important that you keep practising. There is no substitute for it.

In a Nutshell

According to experts in our app development firm in UK, there is not much difference between normal and exceptionally good app designers. There are just a few things that these people do differently. One just need to identify that and work on his/her weaknesses accordingly.

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