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5 Must-Have Apps to Celebrate Christmas

Nishant Sharma

Christmas is just five days away and the hearts of people are filled with joy and anticipation. Shopping malls are filled with Christmas-themed items and online shopping platforms are offering discounts.

I have also come up with a special Christmas treat for you, a list of top 5 Christmas apps, carefully chosen after detailed research on the web. So, go ahead, read the blog, and download them. Wish you luck:

Applify Christmas 2017 with These Award-winning Apps

  1. Magicam

Nothing can steal the joy of capturing the best Christmas moments in your camera. Magicam can spice them up. Using this wonderful app, you can add special effects to your photos and make them more memorable.

Adding special effects on Magicam is easier than you can even imagine. All you need is to tap on the filter you want to use. Then on Santa hat and you’ll see yourself wearing one. Similar is the case of other effects like Christmas tree, antlers, and much more.

You can also choose from 8 different frames within the app. There are also options to share your photos on social media.

The app is only available for iOS devices. Android users will have to look for an alternative.

  1. The Christmas List

Christmas shopping is fun but sometimes in excitement, we end up over-spending. The Christmas List ensures that it doesn’t happen to you. This wonderful Christmas app lets you make a list of people whom you want to purchase gifts for and then allocate a relevant budget.

Once you’re set, all you have to do is to walk in the store, open the app and tap on your friend’s name, and see the list of items you want to purchase. Repeat the similar process for the rest of your friends. This will ensure that you never cross the budget.

  1. A Call from Santa

Is Santa real? How can we meet him?

Every year kids ask these questions and answering them becomes a challenge. However, not this year because there’s a wonderful Christmas app for your rescue. Named A Call from Santa, the utility does exactly what its name implies. It lets your kids talk with Santa and record a wish. No, not real Santa but a chatbot.

Don’t worry! Your kids will never find that it’s a chatbot. It works as if there’s the real Santa on the other end. Try it and see the magic.

  1. Christmas Decoration

Everyone loves to decorate his/her house for Christmas. However, finding decoration ideas is a major challenge.

Fret not, this wonderful app will help you out. Filled with Christmas-centric images and themes will serve as the perfect inspiration to decorate your home this Christmas. So, hurry up and check it out.

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

There can’t be any better Christmas gift for your kids than this wonderful app if they love listening to stories. The app narrates the story of a grumpy character named Grinch who decided to stop Christmas by stealing Christmas items from the homes of his neighbors. The app is interesting and will keep your kids busy while you open their presents.

Several other options like narration mode and custom sound effects are also there within the app.

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