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5 Mobile App Trends That Will Transform the Business After COVID-19

Manpreet Kour

COVID-19 has made the world a mess. With businesses collapsing worldwide, many countries have seen the worst economic downfall in 2020. But at the same time, a few industries have seen an all-time high this year as well. Mobile app development is one of them. 

A lot had been said at the beginning of the year and many different trends were expected to rule the app development world. Although we did witness a few trends, unfortunately, most of them were overshadowed by the coronavirus. Worry not, after reading this article, you will renew your hope of what you can do post-pandemic period to uplift your business.

Mobile App Trends Post Coronavirus Pandemic

There are several trends that have a direct impact on the way businesses operate. Here are some of the mobile app trends that will completely reshape the way you do business post-pandemic.

#1 Blockchain Technology

It was among one of the most talked-about trends of 2020. And it looks like that it is still going to transform the way businesses operate even after COVID-19. In these difficult times, it’s hard for people to visit the bank branches for transactions and transfers. Many are scared of using credit cards and other online transfer methods fearing online frauds and thefts.

This tech brings in the concept of app coins, thus solving the issues related to in-app purchases. The integration of blockchain technology will help to fight economic recession and cyberattacks by creating secure digital payment processing for better economic growth.

#2 Internet of Things (IoT)

By the looks of it, many of us cannot even imagine a life without the internet. So it won’t be an exaggeration to say that IoT is here to stay. It has already taken over the modern workplace and is expected to only get better with time. We can expect businesses to use IoT for different purposes such as to monitor patients in healthcare, transportation in commerce with self-driven automobiles, and much more. The AI-enabled IoT devices will be used more and for good.

#3 Augmented Reality (AR)

AR will continue to have an impact on app development. Many apps are using AR to boost their user experience. Makeup and cosmetic apps via Augmented Reality let the users try various makeup items on their faces, using their smartphones at home. Almost all businesses can take advantage of AR to give their app a better makeover and assist clients in countless better ways using this technology. Besides, we can see many different AR games coming to the market in the years to come. We have already seen the massive popularity of one such game i.e. Pokemon Go. Google Maps can show a live view of what is currently happening in specific parts of the world. With AR, the possibilities are endless.

#4 5G Technologies

The rise of 5G technologies will impact many different businesses even after COVID-19. With faster internet and reduced latency, it is something businesses can always benefit from. 5G offers many new possibilities for industries like retail, eCommerce, aviation. For instance, in healthcare, location tracking can help patients avail the medical facilities in time in case of medical emergencies. 5G can also decrease the doctor-patient distance by giving patients access to doctors anytime with a better virtual experience. Also, developers can now develop apps with countless features without compromising on the speed.

#5 Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Cloud-based mobile apps had already gained popularity before the pandemic. In fact, their ability to access remote servers and store large amounts of data, without any effect on device storage has proven to be a great advantage throughout the pandemic. The WFH culture has already increased the popularity of apps like Salesforce, Dropbox, and Slack, Zoom, and G Suite. Cloud-based apps don’t just come with multi-platform compatibility but are easy to access too. The best part is that users need not install or download these apps as these can be easily utilized directly by using a mobile browser. The easy accessibility and seamless integration make for a great app development idea. This trend is all set to gain prominence in the future as more and more businesses are turning to the cloud.

Final Words

The businesses after the COVID-19 will change drastically. If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught us is how we can use technology to the fullest to our advantage. In the future, we can expect more and more companies to allocate money to IT and app development. The sense of preparedness for the future will be immense. 

Keep these above-mentioned trends in mind to make the most out of your business in these unprecedented times. Accomplish the difficult now and you will continue receiving the rewards of your work in times to come.

If you are looking forward to incorporating these trends and creating a strong online presence with the help of a mobile app, get in touch with Applify to avail our mobile and web app development services. 

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