5 Apps Every Mobile User Will Have Within A Year

As anyone with a smartphone knows, there’s an app for pretty much anything and everything these days. In fact, as explained in our discussion on the ‘15+ Mobile App Ideas to Develop in 2020‘ statistics on mobile usage show that more than 50 percent of internet search queries globally now come from mobile devices.


We can manage every aspect of our lives right from the palms of our hands using apps for banking, fitness, job hunting, cooking, and much more. You’re probably already up-to-date with the latest app innovations (it’s pretty hard not to be!) – but it can be a little bit harder to look ahead to what’s next. Nevertheless, we’re here to predict some of the essential apps you’re likely to have on your phone another year from now.


Let’s take a look at these apps:


1. A VR Gaming App

Virtual reality has greatly impacted the gaming industry in the past few years, but it is still not really commonplace – largely due to the costs associated with it. We predict, though, that within a year or so, the costs associated with VR will decrease to the point that more people can integrate it into their gaming experience. As far as what’s available on the market right now, CNN recommends several VR headsets that are compatible with mobile phones – with better headsets becoming more affordable though, they’ll become more popular, leading more people to download VR games.


2. A Crypto Wallet

Even if you’ve just recently heard about cryptocurrencies or don’t quite understand what they are yet, they are expected to play a bigger role in our everyday lives in the near future. In short, cryptos, by nature are digital forms of currency that operate in a decentralized and encrypted manner. This decentralization leads to faster transactions, fewer processing fees, and more secure and transparent experience. Additionally, many have taken to buying cryptocurrencies as a means of investment, the same way they might buy stocks or commodities. There are a lot of “crypto wallet” apps out there already designed to help you procure and manage your digital “coins.” And as more people become familiar with cryptos, and they gain influence, it’s easy to imagine crypto wallets becoming far more ubiquitous.


3. An Interactive Fitness App

When you’re searching for an app to help you reach your fitness goals like Google Fit or Apple Health Kit, there are tons of health trackers on the market. Obviously, getting accurate readings for your heart rate, step count, and overall energy exerted should be one of your top priorities. However, this may be more difficult than you think. Nurvv’s discussion on pace and distance accuracy explores how a simple 7-second pace tracking error may cause a runner to work too hard too early, potentially blowing up before the end of the run. Inaccuracies in data can leave athletes and even casual gym-goers frustrated, unable to see trends in their performance. As a result, it can be harder to find ways to improve their athletic ability. Nowadays, fitness apps are developing sophisticated technology to further boost tracking accuracy, but there’s always room for improvement.


4. An AR Photo App

If you’ve used popular apps like Pokémon GO or Snapchat, you’ve had a bit of experience with augmented reality on your phone (possibly without even knowing it). The widespread belief is that apps using this technology are only just getting started, and another year from now, they could well become a vital part of the smartphone experience. This will have a lot to do with gaming, but will also involve photography. For example, instead of editing a photo or video after it’s already been taken (say, to include a given filter or some other visual augmentation), you could essentially plugin images and animations as photos are being taken. This would allow the subject of the photography to interact with objects that aren’t really there, whether that just means creating a goofy meme or virtually “trying on” different outfits and accessories.


5. A Box Subscription App

If you haven’t already given in to the addictive trend of checking out box subscription services, we’re betting you will soon. These services – companies like HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Stitch Fix, and Fab Fit Fun – deliver cooking supplies, wine, clothes, miscellaneous trinkets, and even dog treats, right to your front door. They’re wonderfully convenient, primarily because most of them have high-functioning apps that allow customers to control what they get and when. And while it may seem that these boxes cover just about everything already, there will probably be many more niche services to come, as customer bases continue to grow – making these apps a lot more popular.


Be sure to keep your eyes on your go-to app store in the next few months to see if these predictions come to fruition!

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