4 Ways to Make User Forget Your App

Seeing this title you might be wondering:

Why would I do that, Siao Ting Tong?

Keeping users engaged and increasing the user retention of the app should be your aim not making them forget about it.

Then why this?

Because before you prepare an antidote, you study the poison first.

Similarly, before learning how to prevent users from forgetting your app, you first have to know about the mistakes that can lead them to drift away.

So, let’s read:

1. Offer what everyone else is offering

The most common thing that causes users to stop thinking about your app is offering features that are already available in 100 other apps.

Let’s compare it to this small real-life situation:

Your friend takes you to a posh restaurant and orders the same noodles that you eat every day at breakfast.

What will be your reaction?

Angry reaction

Now, imagine the reaction of a user when he installs your app but finds that you’re offering the same specifications in a different design.

He/she will also not be pleased for sure and will not use your app again.

2. Forget personalisation
Another way to make users neglect your app is to completely ignore the personalization part.

Make sure there is no interaction so that users feel less like a human and more like a robot while using it.

In the end, they’ll get bored and quit.

3. Ignore security

We live in a time when cybercrime is at peak and hackers are spying on us.


Amidst this, not paying attention towards the app security is an open invitation to danger.

Some apps ignore this fact and that’s why they’re ignored by users.

You can also do the same and have it neglected by users.

4. Don’t use push notifications
Push notifications remind the user to check your app from time to time. Remove them and the users will not get the reminder to open your app for days.

Finally, they will not remember it at all.

In a nutshell!

Here’s what our Singapore-based app development experts have to say:

Users hate apps that lack interaction. The moment feels disconnected, they’ll switch.

So, it’s important to make sure that the interaction remains alive and users keep coming back. For this, you’ll have to avoid making all these flaws.

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