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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in On-demand Apps

Siddharth Arora

I want to have an app but don’t know which one I should have. Can you guide me?” my friend asked on the call.

Go for on-demand apps. They’re trending right now.” I replied.

I had read about them a couple of days back while researching for my article on the types of trending Android apps and found out that they were quite popular. So, just blurted out the name.

And ?”

I was definitely not prepared for this. For the next moment, I gave him some reasons but he wasn’t convinced.

So, he said:

Look man! I am going to invest my entire savings and I need a solid reason to go forward with this.”

That’s when I understood that people need more than just theoretical explanations. They need practical justifications, they need stats.

So, I decided to come with this blog which details a list of:

Reasons why you should invest your hard earned money in on-demand apps

1. On-demand services is a profitable industry

According to stats:

The on-demand economy was worth $22 billion in 2015 - and the end of this year, it’s expected to reach $57 billion.

In short, the On-demand economy has grown by 58% in just 2 years.

So, you can imagine the profit you can make if you create an on-demand app now.

2. Less competition

At present, on-demand companies are serving only 7% of the potential market.

Having said that, there is a large part of the on-demand market and millions of potential users that haven’t been targeted yet. All you need is an app that fulfills their demands.

3.They make our life easy

Let’s assume a situation:

It’s raining heavily and you’re feeling hungry. There’s nothing to cook at home. In this case, you’ll have no other option than going to market and bring some food.

On-demand apps like Foodpanda and Zomato make sure you don’t need to go anywhere. Using these apps, you can just order food online and that too from your favorite restaurant. Not only this, the food will be delivered to your doorstep.

Similarly, you don’t have to bargain with cab drivers for booking a cab or search for a plumber to fix the broken tap in your bathroom – you can do all these things directly from your phone with the help of apps like Uber and Urbanclap.

In short, on-demand apps are minimizing efforts and making our lives better. Surely, we’ll grow more dependent on them.

4. On-demand service providers are happy with results

According to a survey conducted by Burson-Marsteller:

51% on-demand service providers claimed that their financial situation has improved within 1 year, while 64% believe that they will be financially more stable this year.

They’re making everyone’s life better.

In simple words

On-demand apps are actually making a difference - in the lives of people who’re using them, people who’re offering their services through them, and people who have developed them. Perhaps, that’s the reason they’re gaining so popularity.

Now, it’s time to realize their potential and put your time and investment in on-demand apps – because if you invest now, you’ll get great returns for sure.

It all started in 2011 when Uber launched a mobile app that allowed users book cabs on demand.

Till that date, the popularity of on-demand apps is mushrooming day-by-day.

No matter if you want to renovate your house, you are feeling hungry and want to order food, or if you want to book a hotel for a night’s stay – there is a dedicated on-demand app for everything.

In short, on-demand apps are not just apps. They’re a part of our life.

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