10+ Hilarious GIFs Describing the Life of a Marketing Professional

There’s a famous saying:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

There are situations that words fail to express. For example: Can you explain how angry you are when someone breaks your favourite coffee cup? Or can you explain the joy when you’re awarded the employee of the month?

No, you can’t. That’s why we need images.

Being part of the marketing team at Applify which is one of the leading app development firms in Singapore – I also face situations which can’t be expressed in words. So, I am explaining them through GIFs. I am sure that you’ll find them relatable. So, have a look:

1. When you worked hard on a campaign but got beaten by your competitor


Got beaten by a competitor


2. When you’re asked to come up with a new idea everytime


What do you want?


3. When the Internet stops and your email template was not saved


Internet Stops


4. When the client wants his website in top search rankings in one week


Client expecting results in 1 week


5. When you ask your content writer to submit 5 long form blogs by evening


Content Writer funny

6. When you’re asked to design social media posts on your own


When you're asked to design social media posts on your own


7. Ah! Those Typos




8. A blogger at the end of the day


Super frustrated blogger


9. When someone asks your profession


Asking for profession


10. When you see that your marketing strategy is giving results


Happy Marketer

11. Everytime you get a new business lead


Every time you bring new lead to your business


12. Dealing with a stubborn client


Dealing with a stubburn client


So, which of the above-mentioned GIFs you can connect with?

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