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10 Case Studies Proving that Progressive Web Apps are the Future

Siddharth Arora

In our last blog on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), we talked about things like what are progressive web apps and why progressive web apps are so popular.

The blog post might’ve resolved your many queries. Still, you might be wondering:

Where are the case studies?

Otherwise, how would you know why progressive web apps are so popular among app development firms in the UK, UAE, and all over the world. Well, here are some:

1. Treebo

  • Treebo saw 4-times increase in yearly conversion rate after launching a progressive web app
  • 4-times more users returned again
  • Median interactive time on the phone reduced to 1.5s

2. Best Western River North Hotel

  • The revenue of Best Western North Hotel increased by 300% with their progressive web app

3. OpenSooq

As the progressive web app of OpenSooq is only 28.3KB, users found it very handy. As a result:

  • There was 25% increase in the user engagement
  • 260% more leads were generated

4. Petlove

After Petlove launched their app:

  • Their conversion rate increased by 2.8-times
  • 2.8x time was spent on their website

5. Tinder

With the new PWA, which is 90% smaller than the native app:

  • The load time of Tinder has decreased from 11.91 seconds to 4.69 seconds
  • User engagement has increased significantly

6. Trivago

After adding a PWA to their home screen:

  • Trivago saw 97% in clickouts to hotel offers
  • 67% more people returned to the app

7. Uber

Uber’s PWA designed to work fast even on 2G and is very small in size. As a result:

  • It takes only 3 seconds to load even on 2G connection

8. West Elm

After the launch of their progressive web app, West Elm saw:

  • 15% increase in average time spent on the website
  • 9% boost in revenue/visit

9. Pinterest

After Pinterest rebuilt their website as a PWA:

  • Their core engagement has increased by 60%
  • User revenue has increased by 44%
  • 40% more time is spent on the site

10. BookMyShow

The PWA of BookMyShow takes less than 3 seconds to load. As a result:

  • Conversion rates have increased by 80%

So you saw how progressive web apps changed the fate of these firms and made them an overnight success.

Perhaps, your company can be the next. So, hurry up, invest in a progressive web app, and see the magic.

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