Why Your App Idea is Afraid of the Truth?

One of the most common fears that clients have while approaching an app development company is:

What if the app idea doesn’t work?

This can happen with anyone. Even with people who already have successful apps in the market.

So, I wonder:

Why the shakes? What’s the reason you suddenly started doubting the capability of the idea while you were super-confident on it earlier?

In order to find my answers, I decided to do a little digging on the web. After detailed research, I was able to find the main reasons responsible for this.

I am going to list them all in this post. Have a look:

1. Lacking research
Even the most efficient ideas appear doubtful without research.

Tell me one thing:

You’re investing an ample amount of money on an app idea.

But don’t know how will it work, what challenges you’ll face, or how much time and cost will it take for having an app made on the idea, or even if the idea is executable.

Why wouldn’t you be scared?

You will definitely no want to risk your hard earned money on something that might or might not work. So, it’s completely justified to be scared.


The only way to overcome this fright is to properly research your idea before pitching it to an app development firm. This way, you will have answers to the most of your queries and you’ll be more confident in it.

2. Thinking someone has already pursued the idea

Another disadvantage of skipping the research part is that you start assuming things on your own.

You might think that someone has already made an app on your idea and be scared that it might not have the same value after you pursue it. This might also result in you becoming a little under-confident while pitching your idea to the app development company.

You can never be sure whether or not your idea has been pursued earlier unless you look on the web. So, make sure you do proper web research first.

Even if an app has already been made on it, don’t be disappointed.
There might be some features that this app might’ve skipped. You can include them in yours. This will definitely boost your confidence and help overcome the anxiety that your app idea can’t become a reality.

3. Doubting the capability of the app development company
Sometimes you might have a doubt whether or not the app development company you’re going to hire will do justice with your idea, thus resulting in a worry that it can’t become a reality.

Run complete background research on the companies before approaching them with your idea and choose only the ones that are trustworthy. There are multiple platforms where you find such firms which contain the list of the best app development companies in Singapore and South-east Asia.

4. Being terrified that executing idea might exceed your budget
Another factor that might result in your app idea can doubt the reality is budget. Not all of us have an ample amount of money to spend. Some even sacrifice their entire savings just to have an app made on their idea.

Given that, some of us might be concerned that the cost of executing their idea might exceed their budget.


Can you let your cost fright stop you from achieving your dream? No, you can’t.

Hence, the best thing you can do is to contact an app development company for cost estimation. They’ll give you a clear idea about the budget that you might need.

5. Worrying someone might launch an app on the similar idea before you

We live in the era where apps are developed very quickly. There are instances when the idea is in development and someone else launches an app on the similar concept.

This means all efforts you made and all the resources you invested will go fruitless. Nothing can be more dreadful than that.

The only way you can win this fear is to have an app made on your idea as soon as possible. The more you delay, the greater are the chances that someone else can create an app on the similar idea. So, hurry up!

Is there any reason behind the distress that your app idea can’t become a reality? Let us know.

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