Top 10 Free Apps for Black Friday Shopping

Everyone loves the holiday season. Especially because of the great shopping deals and discounts. Well, the wait is finally over as Black Friday is around the corner. And since it’s shopping time, all the online shopping platforms are gearing up with exciting deals and exclusive offers on all the products on their portals.


Black Friday deals are something you would not want to miss. So to make it easier for you, we have researched the top shopping apps that will give you the best discounts for this time of the year.


Best Black Friday Apps To NOT MISS During This Shopping Season


So without any further ado, hold tightly to your shopping list as we present the list of best Black Friday apps. But don’t forget to also stay cautious while you shop as sometimes, the surprises might turn out to be scams. 


Here are the 10 best Black Friday apps that will help you find exciting deals, compare prices, keep track of ads, and shopping coupons.


1. Amazon 



Amazon is one of the most popular shopping platforms globally. And although they have a super friendly shopping website, the app is just as exciting. There are several offers and deals that you might just get on the app. Besides that, thanks to Amazon’s iOS and Android apps, you can enjoy a nearly hands-free shopping experience. So make your Black Friday count by shopping online on Amazon.


2. Best Buy 




Best Buy is yet another popular shopping portal that now comes with an app. In fact, the app is said to have one of the most extensive interfaces, unlike several other retail apps. For the best buying experience for Black Friday, use Best Buy to avail the best discounts and prices on your desired products.


3. Ebay


Ebay has proved to be an emerging name in the eCommerce market for quite some time now. The eBay app for iOS and Android comes in handy during the holiday season as people are unwilling to go to the stores. The app also lets the users make use of the watchlist feature where they can check in on their gifting shortlist.


4. Slickdeals 


Slickdeals has over 2 million deal hunters who post the best deals and offers available online on Black Friday. All you have to do is to open their app and look for the offers and deals that work best for you. The app also lets you set alerts in case you are looking for a specific product for a long time. With over 1 million downloads, this app will make your Black Friday shopping the best experience ever.


5. The Coupons App 




This app is designed based on the users’ need to save some bucks on their purchases. The basic idea of the app is to find coupons with maximum discounts. During the holiday season, the app has a specific Black Friday section where you can find the best deals of the day. It also lets you set alerts on your desired products. The best part about this app is that it has both national and local coupons available and you can shop from anywhere by changing the location for your Black Friday shopping.


6. Flipp 



Flipp is yet another Black Friday app that lets the users plan their Christmas shopping in a smarter way. And not just during the sale, this app can be utilized by users while searching for shopping items on a regular basis as well. Flip searches for all the available discount coupons and flyers in your local areas So that you can get them printed and save a good amount of money. This app goes through all the brands and products to find out the most valuable coupons for you.


7. ShopSavvy 



ShopSavvy is an ideal app that lets you shop but smartly. When it comes to shopping, we all try to compare the prices of a certain product at many different portals. This app does just that for you without you having to check websites after websites. It compares the price of the product across shops and online platforms as well to give users a complete idea of whether they are making the right choice or not. Furthermore, it also lets you scan the QR code of the item to know where you can find it at the cheapest price. If you set your alerts for the Black Friday shopping in advance, the app will notify you when the price of the item drops.


8. Mint 


Although holiday shopping is fun and exciting, it can also be a bit hard on your wallets. To make sure that you do the shopping on a careful spending plan, Mint is one of the best finance apps out there in the market. Plus, this app manages your card bills, balance, and details in one place. So you are free from the hassle of checking balance after making all those online purchases. Enjoy this app while shopping for the holiday season.


9. Price Cruncher


Price Cruncher is a great app for you if you are someone who likes to shop in bulk. So if you are not sure about the deals, this app is your holy grail. Price Cruncher compares the prices of your desired products on a per-unit basis. For the cherry on top, the app comes with an in-built calculator. You can create your shopping lists prior to comparisions or for future purchases.


10. DealNews

DealNews is the Black Friday dedicated mobile app that lets you see the best deals and offers available for the day. The app shows you the best offers available in stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and several other retailers.

All you need to do is to just select the store that you want to shop at and this app will show you all the special deals and offers of that particular store. Besides that, in order to make your Black Friday shopping experience an amazing one, DealNews also notifies you constantly so that you do not miss out on good deals.


Final Words


As the holiday season comes with various offers and deals, it also brings with it several scams. Hence, whenever you choose any app for Black Friday shopping, make sure that you’ve checked all the online reviews and also take a look at the company that has created a particular app. 


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Happy Shopping!

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