Smarketing: 3 Actionable Techniques

When you have high expectations from your sales and marketing crews and you don’t get the results from either, your strategy demands a balance. And, that balance is the perfect synchronisation of Sales and Marketing efforts, which is called Smarketing. The smooth communication between both the teams also defines Smarketing.

Following this approach, your business tends to seek positive (and scalable too!) results. It also helps in getting higher outcomes for the revenue growth. Companies have produced 208% more revenue using this process. Even the customer retention rate increased by 36%.

In order to maximise the power of Smarketing, some techniques might be implemented apart from the ideal calibration of marketing and sales teams through a shared goal.

Recognise prospects and qualify them

The marketing team should sort out the quality leads out of all and engage them so it is easier for the sales to convert them later.

Leverage the lead channel

A probable buyer and an unwilling customer could be segregated with the proper inter-team coordination. An interested prospect remains with the sales team while the cold leads are nurtured by the marketers to reduce acquisition cost.

Close the loop

Collaborative strategies should be implemented to close the appointed leads efficiently. Impress them with a rapid response and a consistent follow up. Encounter valuable content pieces through various channels to regenerate their interest.

Another big advantage is the cost saving. Better you Smarket, lower you spend to acquire your customers.

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