Impact of Android 11 on your Mobile Applications

Android has always been in a rugged competition with iOS. While it’s difficult to decide which one is better, Android can easily be labeled as the “most popular” operating system across the world. The popularity credit also goes to its ever-changing versions and new updates keeping it garden-fresh. 

The last version – Android 10, was a new zone of Android that we experienced. With it ditching Google’s policy of naming the operating systems after desserts, it came with many other exhilarating updates chiefly the much-awaited dark mode. And we loved all of them. 

Now there is a new addition to the Google OS family. Yes! We are talking about Android 11. Although Android 10 in itself was the beginning of a new era for Android users and came out with some good features Android 11 has a few better ones up its sleeves. 

So without much ado, let’s take a look at the interesting new features of Android 11.


  • Multiple additions to the messaging experience


Android has really worked on the messaging experience in its latest version. The chat bubbles help you hide all the ongoing conversations as little bubbles on the screen. Not just that, you can now send images even if you are replying through the notification panel without opening the whole conversation. 


  • Build-in screen recorder


With Android 11, Google has finally given its users a luxury only iOS users was enjoying till now. A built-in screen recorder was showcased by the Android 11 developer preview comes with an ultra-modern UI. Although there are very few chances that people use a screen recorder on a daily basis, the feature was too basic and it was about time Android incorporated it.


  • 5G ready OS infrastructure


5G started making rounds in the second half of 2019. Further with the outbreak of a global pandemic and many industries slowing down, 5G adoption has become an essential need. Android 11 let’s you do just that. It comes with the “Dynamic Meterdness API” which allows you to take advantage of the complete potential of 5G. 


  • One time permission 


Android 10 had already given the users a lot of control over the apps and the way permissions were handled and Android 11 carries on with that functionality. Users can now grant permissions to apps on a one-time basis and the permission will be revoked as soon as one leaves the app.


  • Adaptation to different display types


This year we saw many foldable devices and in the coming years, we will also witness a lot of new additions in the foldable smartphone market, running at different screen sizes and resolutions. Experts suggest that foldable devices will be the next big thing in the coming years  So this one specific feature of Android 11 comes for such devices – the support for foldable displays. 


Impact of Migrating Apps to Android 11


Android 11 comes with many great advantages as well as a few challenges for the developers. Migrating your apps to this new OS version now is a great way to reap the full benefit of it.


  • Ability to restrict app permissions


Android 11 comes with restrictions on repeated app permissions. While using a mobile app, if the user clicks ‘deny’ twice, Android will take it as “do not ask again”. This will be a challenge for the developers as they will have to convey the message clearly as to what the app is asking permission for. 


  • Detailed app termination information


Android 11 now comes with a detailed app termination information feature which includes detailed app crash reports. It will let you know whether the app crashed due to memory issues or apps not responding. Each and every log will be created and kept so that it can be used for further diagnosis.


  • App data will be kept private


Android 11 will work on better protecting your data. For this, the OS will store all the users’ app usage statistics in an encrypted format storage. In this, neither the app nor any system can access this private data unless some coding is done. This can only be done in two conditions. Either the users unlock their devices the first time after system startup or they switch to their account on the device. So unless the developer finds a way to work around this condition, you will not be able to access the app usage stats.


  • Lower Data Redundancy 


In Android 10, if two apps, suppose media playback apps or machine learning apps, use the same data, the dataset for both the apps had to be downloaded separately. This functionality has been well improved in the Android 11 version. To lower the data redundancy, the OS will now cache the datasets on devices for apps using shared data blobs.


  • Incremental APK installation


It seems like Android has finally realized how lengthy the APK installations are. With the new Incremental APK Installation, this process will be streamlined. It works by installing just enough APK needed to launch your app and let the rest of the data stream in the background.


  • Better support for Neural Networks


Android 11 also comes with a new Neural network API 1.3. If your app is about machine learning, that can help it run smoothly on the device. So now is the time to invest in an app that is powered by machine learning. This new version of Android allows you to develop disrupting technologies that dominate the latest trends in the app development industry.


  • A 5G supporting infrastructure


5G is a cherry on top of any industry. It will help the users giving them an elevated user experience by providing higher streaming speed, fast file transfer, and zero latency. The combination of Android 11 and 5G will surely do wonders for all sectors.




The trends in the app development industry are ever-changing. Android 11 is the latest and a crucial one. To stay ahead of the curve in this cut-throat competition, it is important that your apps adapt to the new OS. Merging your apps with the enhanced features of the Android 11 is the need of the hour for better user experience.


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Vaishali Uniyal is a content writer. She is also an avid reader and a mental health advocate with a dream to travel every nook and corner of the world.

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